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My Pet Minotaur

This is my entry for the Steampunk Myths & Legends challenge over at CGSociety. The challenge ended on Jan 19 so wish me all the best with this 1. This was my main reason for not uploading anything here, cuz it took a lot of hours doing this. However, I truly enjoyed doing this piece and much respect is due to ALL the artists who participated.

Done primarily in Photoshop CS3 with aid from Illustrator CS3 & Painter X. Comments welcomed.

(Actual image dimensions are very large so this size will have to suffice)

In the story of the Minotaur that lived on the island of Crete, Theseus was said to have killed it with the help of a princess. My concept however, is a twist in the story's end.

When the third sacrifice approached, Theseus volunteered to slay the monster and promised to his father, Aegeus, that he would put up a white sail on his way back home if he was successful, but have the crew put up black sails if he was killed.

In Crete, Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, fell in love with Theseus and helped him navigate the labyrinth, which had a single path to the centre. She gave him a ball of thread, allowing him to retrace his path. When Theseus arrived at the heart of the labyrinth, he found himself a gigantic beast whose body was the size of his ship.

Theseus stared at the Minotaur as the Minotaur stared at him. Through these stares Theseus' objective changed. Instead of killing the Minotaur, he made a deal with him; he offered to rescue him from his labyrinth prison if he would forever be the companion of a small boy. The Minotaur felt the fearlessness of Theseus through his stares and the tone of his voice. The Minotaur, not happy with the lives he'd taken, agreed to Theseus' demands and was freed.

Theseus navigated his way out of the labyrinth with the aid of the thread and took the long way home. He instructed his sailors to tell everyone the Minotaur was slain, while he set out on a different path. Theseus made his way to an island just about three miles from his home, where he would meet the boy. At one end of the island was a mystical cliff; a cliff so tall it kissed the heavens which was said to cry stars. It was the Minotaur's final destination.

Theseus found the boy atop the cliff and presented him with the Minotaur. It was from that point on that the Minotaur spent all his years protecting him. Each year since their meeting, the Minotaur and the boy return to the cliff to pay respect to the lives he'd taken and watch as the heavens cried.
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Fffff, I'd love to have a pet like this. Awesome work :)