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Hi Friends Big and Small!

In lieu of finishing "A Game of Cat and Mouse"…
(which I know will happen at some point), I wanted to give some of the backstory of my relationship with my Australian girlfriend Laura and the exchanges on FB that led to my becoming her permanent toy and our cycling through many F/f games and our lives together as Owner and pet that are detailed in "Cat and Mouse".

That original story
 was inspired by my Aussie girlfriend, Laura, back when we were involved several years ago on FB. We had actually planned out how she was going to "shrinknap" me and take me back home with her. She was also the one who made me really stop and think about the mental and emotional effects of being 6 inches tall in a giant world. I had always wanted to be a doll, so I didn't really give it too much thought. It was my dear Laura who made me realize that the psychological and emotional effects of being so tiny would really be quite profound, especially since, in the scenario we were proposing, my reduced size would be permanent. So the best preventive for serious damage to the psyche and the mind would be to spend some time each day in an environment that would make me at least feel normal. And a dollhouse was the obvious answer.

I always intended to finish that story, but then Laura and I ended our relationship, so it's been hard to find the inspiration to do so. Hopefully, I will get around to it, if only because I hate to leave anything unfinished. Even so, I really enjoyed writing the first part of that particular little "mouse tale". It felt easy because it's all about the real me! (not a role-play character)

But here at least is the "backstory" of our relationship, and how we progressed to the point where we were playing F/f games like "Cat and Mouse" on a regular basis.

I understand this might have a limited appeal to some of my male friends here, but I think these notes are interesting and constitute a different format than some of the other stories I have posted here. At the core, they give some insight into the minds and hearts of two very real women, one of whom so desperately wants to be a doll and one who loves her enough to help make it possible. So I wanted to share them for the sake of completeness before going on to something else in my writing. (and I enjoy reading them anyway!) 

Here is Part One
Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you,
Kara the Dollgirl

© 2021 Kdollgirl777
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bloodthirstybutcher's avatar

This is really great, Kara! I love F/f and I can really feel your enthusiasm in the text.

Kdollgirl777's avatar

Thanks so much, Butcher. You're very kind. It's probably because this is from real life and it's really me and not a story or RP character.

Kara :kiss:

bloodthirstybutcher's avatar

I gathered. Even in what are clearly words of joy, there‘s a certain underlying melancholy in the subtext. It takes talent to do both and thank you for sharing this part of you with us.

Kdollgirl777's avatar

Now you are getting me all weepy...but thank you.

buttlover7's avatar

This is soooo adorable!

Kdollgirl777's avatar

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially since this is me in RL, not a fictional story or a RP! :)

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