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Kara Under Glass3

"Why do you just sit there staring at me like that? You need to let me out and make me big again, right now!"
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Image size
2816x2112px 1.4 MB
Canon PowerShot SD600
Shutter Speed
1/20 second
Focal Length
6 mm
Date Taken
Dec 30, 2006, 12:47:28 PM
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Kdollgirl777's avatar
Thank you, Sir! I'll bet you say that to all the 6-inch high girls trapped under drinking glasses ;)
ClarkSavage's avatar
You make a pretty display piece.
Kdollgirl777's avatar
Thanks... I think ;)
R131995's avatar
I would love to have a shrunken women all to myself, does anyone know where I might find one?
Kdollgirl777's avatar
"Pssst! Big Boy! Down here under the glass! If you let me out, I will be very grateful...not to mention helpless at this size!" ;)
R131995's avatar
I lift the glass over you and then bring my hand towards your tiny little body) :)
Kdollgirl777's avatar
I am so grateful to be out from under that horrid glass that I take a few moments to take several deep breaths of fresh air. I don't notice your giant hand reaching for me until you wrap your fingers around me and lift me toward your giant face. I give out with a startled "eep!" because I didn't see this coming. But I have been so small for so long, and consequently have spend so much time being held in many giant hands, that I don't struggle. I know it's useless anyway. Being only 6 inches tall, I am completely helpless in your hand. I try to still my fears and wait to see what you are going to do with me...
R131995's avatar
I carry you over to the table where I drop you off, and then I go about the kitchen and then return to you with some food. Some for me which is of course normal size and I made some to suit your height requirements :p is grilled cheese ok?
Josh-Lexcelius's avatar
Kdollgirl777's avatar
Sure, just send me a message. :)
Hi wanna do a giantess roleplay
Kdollgirl777's avatar
Love to, dear! Just send me a message through DA.
Kdollgirl777's avatar
Thanks for collecting this little doll as one of your faves!
Kdollgirl777's avatar
"No! I like this size just fine!"
Klrvnc's avatar
Smaller's fine you say? <shoots> XD
Kdollgirl777's avatar
Just what every tiny girl needs...a guy with a fully charged shrink ray who is hard of hearing...
Klrvnc's avatar
Don't complain - the shrinker's still charged, and you are still visible, soo... ;P
Klrvnc's avatar
<Charges up the shrink ray> What did you say? Even smaller, right now?
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