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A little story I began a while ago and finally decided to share. I hope you enjoy it! 

I have included some images that my friend shrinkingwomen created after he read this story...I think they are wonderful!
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Very, very well done, doll.  You have provided us with a wonderfully detailed and very real window into your charming little world.  Happy adventures!    
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So cute Kara. Squeak!

<3 Tina

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Pleasant dreams, dear little Tina! Squeak! ;)
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I like this story. It is incredibly cute, but I like the way you capture the sense of danger involved in the game. Also the disorientation brought on by being so small. I hope you get around to part two soon!
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So do I! But it's not easy...

This story was inspired by my Aussie girlfriend, Laura, back when we were involved several years ago. We had actually planned out how she was going to "shrinknap" me and take me back home with her. She was also the one who made me really stop and think about the the mental and emotional effects of being 6 inches tall in a giant world. I had always wanted to be a doll, so I didn't really give it too much thought. It was my dear Laura who made me realize that the psychological and emotional effects of being so tiny would really be quite profound, especially since, in the scenario we were proposing, my reduced size would be permanent. So the best preventive for serious damage to the psyche and the mind would be to spend some time each day in an environment that would make me at least feel normal. And a dollhouse was the obvious answer.

I wanted to send you a link to several images that one of the artists on DA made to depict this story a few months ago (I was delighted with what he came up with) but he seems to have deleted the images from his gallery and I didn't save them at the time. Sorry!

I always intended to finish the story, but then Laura and I ended our relationship, so it's been hard to find the inspiration to do so. Hopefully, I will get around to it, if only because I hate to leave anything unfinished.

Thanks for you nice comments, I really enjoyed writing the first part of this "mouse tale", it felt easy because it's all the real me! :)
Kara :kiss:
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Ah, such a sad tale. Damn these fickle Aussies!

So many things that we took for granted disappear from DA. Not that I am in any position to cast judgement: I've deleted many accounts and stories on here over time, only to see if anyone has saved any copies later.

You do the tiny and mousie perspective so well!
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Thank you! I've certainly thought about being mouse-sized for long enough. ;)
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