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A fan of film and film making. Not very artisitic and use this account mostly for journals. Please visit my YouTube page for videos.

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Jurassic Park, Cloverfield, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Signs, Memento, The Matrix, Ghostbusters
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Harry Potter, Narnia, Hunger Games

My 2023

36 min read
Well another year is coming to an end, and you may be wondering how it went for me. Well like the last several it was a mixed bag, I’d say it was actually very similar to 2022, just worse. In fact it had a lot of the worst aspects of the last few years, sort of like an endurance round before the final boss. The final boss likely to be the first few months of 2024. So this time we’re going to go month by month, looking at six different categories; job, student loans, weight loss, car, world events, and miscellaneous. JANUARY Job: I did get a raise. That was nice. One of my co-workers quit. That’s about it. Student Loans: Not much progress here. But it was this month I gave up any hope that the 10,000 dollars in forgiveness would happen. The Biden administration kept saying all the things they’ll do to help students pay off loans easier like cutting payments in half and offering total forgiveness if you work long enough in a job. It felt like their way of saying the forgiveness
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My 2022

38 min read
Another year has come and gone, and like last year, I figure we’ll go month by month. I wrote this over the course of the year, I tried going back to fix some stuff, but a few parts may seem sporadic. JANUARY The last days of 2021 were very meh, just as the rest of the year had been. Betty White died on New Years Eve, which just made everyone hate the year more than they already did. For me personally I checked my weight for the first time since July and saw that I was 273 pounds. 25 pounds heavier than the beginning of the year. We transitioned from 2021 to 2022 very warmly. Like the weather was so nice that on my last trip to get some snacks from the convenience store next to my apartment I wore shorts. I had a lot of alcohol and got some wings off doordash on New Years Eve. That Monday I hadn’t felt that “fat” in about two years. I didn’t even go to the PA Farm Show, which is a shame as it wasn’t held in 2021, but I will definitely be going next month. Covid cases spiked to
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So due to me not doing as many videos the last couple years, I didn’t do a best and worst things I reviewed for 2021. And I don’t really have much for 2022. In fact I didn’t do that many positive reviews this year. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for that in January, but I do want to cover some of the worst things I reviewed this year, because I am bored and want to give them one more beating. These are the five things I reviewed this year that made me the most angry. Dishonorable mentions: The Apparition, Wonderpark, Chicken Little Top 5 Worst Reviewed Things of 2022 NUMBER 5 OUT OF JIMMY’S HEAD-GHOSTS- This episode took me two days to watch. It’s 22 minutes long and yet by the time I got about 14 minutes in I was so bored that I shut it off and watched the rest the next day. This episode, if I reviewed it in the 2020 Halloween Spooktacular, would have been the worst, even worse than the Super Mario Brothers episode. I tried to give it a chance, because despite the internet pretty
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Have you seen or heard of "Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City" ? Michael Vogel is working on it

Never heard of it, is it a new show?

Kind is. It was back in 2021. Can be found on YouTube, Netflix and I think Peacock and Paramount plus.

I watched your reviewed videos of “Cartoon Network Invaded” and I wanted to tell you this, I have the idea for a Nickelodeon version of it.

Happy birthday, Kyle!