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I want to thank everybody who looked in on my gallery these past few days, and especially those who chose to add my work to their "favorites" or grant me a Llama Badge.  You've all been so friendly and welcoming!

Once I feel a little more comfortable with how things work around here, I promise I'll get out and about and look in on lots more pages. 

Best wishes,

After threatening repeatedly to sign up for a DeviantArt account, I finally got the finger out and did it.  I'm not sure how well this will all work out, because I don't have a lot of "art" to post, but I may as well just start throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

I'm a web cartoonist who has written and drawn several comic strips over the past decade.  The one I'm currently working on is "Carry On," a story about an anthro hyena girl and her family and friends. 

I decided to go with a hyena as my main character because most of the comics at the time used the "cool" animals--the foxes, the tigers, the wolves--and I decided to create my cast from the scavengers, the animals that don't get a lot of love.  That I knew next to nothing about hyenas didn't matter much to me--like me, they were scavengers and they tended to giggle a lot and have big appetites.  It was a natural match.

I'm having a lot of fun with my story, and while I'm certainly not one of the best artists around--there is nothing quite as humbling as to look at the work of the really great web artists--I'm working at improving my abilities.