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Current Residence: Missouri
Favourite genre of music: All kinds
Operating System: Windows
Favourite cartoon character: Daria, Gir, Foamy and Germaine from Ill Will Press, The Cheat
Personal Quote: My own ability to make it look like I have basic intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali, Freda Kahlo, Justin Cherry, Gerald Brom, Clive Barker
Favourite Movies
Nightmare Before Christmas and anything else by Tim Burton, The Last Unicorn, MST3K movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
None in particular
Favourite Writers
Clive Barker, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Francesca Lia Block, Edgar Allen Poe
Favourite Games
Neverwinter Nights, American McGee's Alice, Clive Barker's Undying, Sanitarium
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (That's all I have >_<)
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, oil paint, clay
Other Interests
Sculpture, drawing, painting, writing, poetry, other forms of art
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I feel the need to give some background to this madness. You see, when I worked for the library in Columbia as a shelver, one of my duties was to shelf read a certain section of the library, going through the books and making sure they were in proper order. My special little section was the Romance section, and its darling little red and white subsection: Series romances. AKA The Harlequin Section. When attempting to tame this area I began to notice I was going back to sections I'd just done because I kept thinking I'd shelved something wrong. I figured out slowly that I actually wasn't doing anything, wrong, I was simply seeing five hundre
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For the April Fools icons they pick two series of books/movies/TV shows that whenever something about them comes up my friends glance at me and then back away slowly. &nbsp;XD
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I'd like to note I have no real point to make, these are just musings of mine :P Also spoilers if you're planning to play The Path In 1997 Michael Haneke released a movie called Funny Games in which two boys, one of which can control the environment, take hostage, torture, and kill a family in their home. &nbsp;The director has stated it was meant to be a statement about violence in the media. Now anyone who knows me well knows my disdain for this movie, for the admittedly shallow reason that it breaks my One Rule of Horror Movies that the villain cannot be more annoying than the protagonist. &nbsp;More to the point, while I think the film made the s
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I'm halfway through you "Mutant League" fic "Valkyrie" and I really like it.

I'm saying this hear because the last time I post a review on Archive of Our own I got a computer virus.

Well that sucks but I appreciate the feedback on any place, I'm glad you like it! I've been trying to pick it up again but motivating myself is the biggest hurtle for me at the moment

Thank you very much!

Totally. Even thought it was years ago I'm not taking chances until there's a Corona Virus vaccine-- maybe not even then.

Sounds like me with any fic... My gallery say it all. I've been drawing since discovering crayons were't a snack. And writing didn't really come up until I was 16.

I've been playing with a story focused around Mac's backstory and I have inspiration to get it going again, thanks!

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hey, it is me ruthee who used to come to Rolands...I don't really think we ever played but I know about you...
Hey there! How have you been?
pretty good, how have you been?