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I'm a pansexual quoiromantic androgyne who makes pride art for my identities for fun.


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Yes it is. Criterion B for the paraphilias in the DSM-5 is “The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.”

Each diagnosis has two parts. Criterion A is essentially the specific sexual fantasy relevant to each specific paraphilia diagnosis. Criterion B is that it causes significant distress and/or impairment (like any other DSM diagnosis) ***OR*** (unique to paraphilias) acting on them nonconsensually.

Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality

No, but having such extreme cognitive distortions and poor impulse control that you cannot stop committing crimes and violating others’ rights is sufficient for a paraphilia diagnosis.

Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality

And I was just providing the current scientific understanding that paraphilias are not inherently mental illnesses if the person is comfortable with themself and commits no crimes.

Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality

Not sure how you got “every zoophile is totally comfortable with their sexuality” from “paraphilias are not automatically paraphilic disorders,” but okay... And also, *literally* the entire point of the stamp is that zoophilia (attraction to non-human animals) is NOT EQUIVALENT to bestiality (“dogfucking creeps,” to use your crude phrase). Attraction is not action and does NOT *inevitably* lead to action, and we shouldn’t be condemning people for JUST feeling attraction that they can’t stop anyway. That’s it. Nothing anywhere in here is saying it’s okay to have sex with animals, just that people do not and cannot choose or control their *feelings* of attraction, only whether or not they *act* on them.

Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality

Except the current DSM makes a distinction between paraphilias and paraphilic disorders, with only the later being mental illnesses. In order for paraphilias to be considered mental illnesses by CONTEMPORARY professional consensus, the individual must ALSO A) experience intense shame, self-hatred, or other forms of distress due to their sexuality (in which case the treatment goal is eliminating the distress, since the research is quite clear that conversion therapy doesn’t work for paraphilias either) and/or B) has committed sex offenses/crimes. So if you’d like to *actually* look into current professional opinion instead of stating what you *assume* it would be before spouting misinformation, that’d be wonderful.

Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality