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Walking the Astral Plane

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fullview, please, ( for subtleties)


There are some that believe when you pass from this world you stand a chance of ending up in a limbo state (like, Ohio) .. wandering aimlessly without goals or purpose .. among the reasons for this stasis, is not fav'ing the works of the artist, who's work you are looking at NOW .. but they also include, unfinished business in this waking state you know as life ... Walking the Astral Plane is something to look forward to, for some of us, after all this time of walking the asshole plane, here on Earth.


My most fav'd image uses this color-scheme: .. Purple-Heart .. As an alleged artist, I find it a little discomforting that the last 4 years have not produced an image with as much clout .. (*shakes calendar*) ... must be times fault

carry on

see also: .. Adrenaline Rush
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Very cool. The colour is perfect.
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Thanks .. when it works, it really works

some flames have a very narrow gradient usage, and this color scheme tends to be just blue or purple on those flames
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It's beautiful, it would be great to see it in the astral!
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hverbosHobbyist Writer
Amazing picture!!!

I haven't Astral Traveled yet, but I'll see if you got the Astral Plane correct.

Do you Astral Travel?
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thank you ... my astral passport is tied up in red tape at the mo'

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hverbosHobbyist Writer
You astral travel?
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Ahhh the purple heart.. that's a fav of mine beautiful...

I really like how you have the very delicate mesh effect, it gives the image dimension.. and tell mom she has good taste.. ;)
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Great! And PNG! :-) :+fav: ----> my wallpaper directory ;-)
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"...my funeral will be attended by by thousands of single, middle aged women and their daughters..."
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Thats his harem.. lol
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relhomHobbyist Digital Artist
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Really nice! :)
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