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Real Men™ don't post Quiche

If ever you are responsible for baking Quiche, a cheese pie from France, for a restaurant known for its pies, and after finishing the preparation, place them in one of those huge, rotating shelves ovens .. smugly satisfied, smacking the flour off your hands.

.. then a short time later, come bouncing through your prep area and see the bowl of cheese that you forgot to add to the CHEESE pie from France .. and realizing there is just enough bake time left, that if someone, (not mentioning names) were to sprinkle cheese on top as they rotated past the oven door ... who would know? .. eh? .. I mean, really .. it's just quiche.

If ever you were responsible for a sleazy cheesy application and foisted it upon the public unawares .. you will be bitten by the karma fairy (nasty, foul-tempered, sharp teeth, but cute as a button) .. and filled with the same sense of dread as if you were working the fries station in a fast food hamburger joint, and an outlaw biker club came in and placed a LARGE order, 5 minutes before closing .. and YOU, with the fryer turned off already, gave them cold, microwaved fries.

You'll spend your life looking over your shoulder, take circuitous routes to and from your work, home and PSYCHIATRIST'S office .. always fearful .. ever ready to bolt .. (*looks both ways .. drops voice to a whisper*) .. at least, that's how I understand it, from people who committed those acts against humanity .. quiche-eaters, bikers, but human nonetheless.

for a few :blahblah:'s and :+fav:'s .. I'll sprinkle cheese on you as you rotate past the oven door
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Stunning!! I love the color of the background. This really pops!!
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I really like your work.Do you have a tutorial for those wire wave's? I wanna learn how to do them,that's how i found your pictures.

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Thanks .. I sent you a note

although it may prove to be more confusing than helpful

If you have any questions = ask
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bluesman219Hobbyist Photographer
I don't eat Quiche with pink in it!! :D
Nice work Keith. :)
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Yay! The story is back! :w00t:

Love the great colors and the party-like look to this one. :party:

No cheese :cheese: in the cheese quiche? :ohnoes:

- and -

You served cold fries to a biker? :o

Be afraid...be very afraid. The karma fairy is a bitch. :paranoid:

(....though yes, she's cute as a button:aww:)

Start grating that cheese.

I like a really fine grate
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never bite the hand that cheeses you
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relhomHobbyist Digital Artist
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