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Spider Droids

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After the intergalactic press got wind of the problem Cyberdine Roboticals was having with the sudden acceleration problems of certain Spider Droid models, recall facilities, such as the one pictured above, began to fill to the rafters.

Although the official company line was that the Florescent Maticuticals (Flor-Mats™) were being shifted into the Gastro-Pedallica Switch (Gas Pedals™) due to operator error, the company decided to appease public fears and pretend to look into it ...

Customers affected by the recall were offered a FREE toy yoda doll, in keeping with company theme branding ... Those who had lost loved ones in the affair were awarded a toy yoda and a subliminal shoulder shrug.

acceptance of company offerings voids all future claims and mediation

YES .. you'll have to look at it full size .. or, maybe not
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Nice work...they're coming out of the walls!
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You're right Keith, it's full size or bust. :) It's nice, it looks like you're coming along really well with that program. How long was your render ? I've heard that some of them can seem to take forever.
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my average full-size (3840x2400) render is about 10 minutes .. I have had a couple look like they would be about 4-9 hours (or more) and I canceled them, then rendered when I went to sleep, and didn't pay attention to final time in the morning (M3D is like apo, in that the render time "estimate" fluctuates a bit as it goes about its bidness)

it is entirely possible I am not setting the 'final-calc' numbers properly to get the best quality .. I saw one guy on frac-forums mention an extremely long render (15 or more hours)

since I cut my teeth on long renders, if it isn't measured in hours or days, you're just pissing in the wind :shithitsthefan:

.. I remember thelma agonizing over having to wait 6 minutes for a final render .. :giggle:
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10 minutes ??!!!!! Holy sh*t Keith ! When I render, & I haven't in 6 months or so, but irregardless of that, I always rendered at night too because my renders took hours.

I did actually have one render that took 18 hours but there was a lot of like "string art" in it.

seriously ? thelma was upset about waiting 6 minutes for a render ? yikes ! :faint:
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Very nice. :nod:
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relhomHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool..:)
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