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Originally a 12 hour render which, by Sophie's Choice, became a 24 hour render. ... With 8 minutes left to go, my cat Sophie (bless her heart), jumped up and walked across my keyboard. As I reached to scoop her up, I glanced at the screen .. the button that should have said STOP, instead said Calculate 3D ... which, if you speak Mandelbulb, translates to: Son, you ain't renderin' like you said you wuz, so you wanna tell us agin where you wuz last night, 'tween the hours of 10pm and 10am

Ratted out by my very own lady in red and caught without an alibi, the Texas Rangers, who were thousands of miles outside of their jurisdiction in California, took me downtown for questioning .. this is not going to end well. ... And .... So ... to raise money for my lawyer, I will be auctioning off kitty parts .. serious bidders only PLEASE .. I will be saving the feet for last, and I can guarantee they still smell like injection molded keyboard plastic and, oddly enough, Cheetos dust.

:blahblah: parts of this are true, other parts .. 'not so much' ... choose wisely .. but get your bid in soon, just in case
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Ah ha... cat talk. :-)
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omg...I have a 2 year old completely non socialized white Standard Poodle named Sophie. :lol: We just started training last week because she's so bad. She goes completely wild at the sight of another animal on the tv & will attack the TV & especially if it's a dog. And if it's a dog in say Pet Smart & she's with us she goes insane & is almost uncontrollable trying to get to them to play. But her signals are wrong, according to the trainer. Oy vey.

WE've had dogs & cats together before, in the past though. And different critters too, obviously. :D WE had one set who ate diff food but shared the same water bowl. And I always knew when the bowl was empty cuz the cat sat in it. :roll:

There was never any jealously though, each one did their thing with us & didn't care about the other. I agree with Jackie though, you're going to have to make a bigger fuss with Katie. Though I think you might have to also try & make separate time with them.
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Katie still gets her walks, and her rides in the car (with head out window) .. and we are sure to say Oh, and notice that little hussy, the cat, isn't here ... I also point out that I can attach the cat's leash to her collar and walk them together. (I may actually try that some day)

We managed to raise Katie to be a bit .. neurotic .. I think is the word a doctor would use .. she was the only recipient of hugs for 10 years. Generally speaking she can't go out in the backyard alone without watching to door for signs of life
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Dogs with head out the window is a DNA thing I think. :) Sophie barks at anything that moves, she's a great watch dog for the neighborhood but I have to haul her in fast when she has to go out at 11
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Didn't know you had a p... kitty called sophie! how does katie feel about that.. lol

Love the intricate details of this.. it looks like there is an neverending road heading into the centre of a time warp machine..

can I have the kitty tail... my cat loves playing with tails.. it will keep her amused for awhile..
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Katie is NOT happy. Sophie is a January addition, from The Humane Society (rescue). There was a picture of her in the paper, and it said all of her siblings were already gone. We thought Katie would get over it in a couple weeks, but if she sees or hears any attention given to the cat she gets upset\jealous. If you're feeding the cat, sure enough, look down the hall and Katie is watching .. if you tell the cat No! (and you do this OFTEN), Katie thinks she's in trouble and leaves the room and goes and pouts in my room. Seeing the anguish in her eyes really tears me up.

But .. I've seen them eat off the same plate. I thought that would be the only thing to elicit a growl out of Katie. Although we try to keep them separate during meal time, so Katie can eat in leisure. She's never had to compete for food, or attention, for ten years. When I wake up in the morning and stumble out into the hallway, they are both there, waiting, the dog being entertained by the cat's antics.
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Poor Katie.. but Toby is the same.. you can't give the cat any attention cos he has his head shoved in between her and me.. they share food he eats hers (I think just to P her off) and she eats his.. the fun starts when Toby is laying on his bed and she wants it.. she gives him a swipe and pushes him off.. lol.. Katie will get used to her.. your just going to have to make a bigger fuss with Katie to calm the waters..
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jim373 Digital Artist
You could grate the cat through this one like so much Parmesan cheese..... ;)
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Parmesan and Cheetos does not mix .. and people won't pay as much for a condiment

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jim373 Digital Artist
Help! Vampire Cats!! :omfg:
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Sooooo many details and great soft colors, too.


.....:iconkdh:.....:police: "Son, you ain't renderin' like you said you wuz, so you wanna tell us agin where you wuz last night, 'tween the hours of 10pm and 10am"

I want the soft little kitty ears! :iconcatearsplz: :eager:

:dollarus: :dollarus: :dollarus: :dollarus: :dollarus:

If you can promise there'll still be plastic smells, let me know when the little kitty feets come up, 'K? :sniff:
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Had her name been Jill, I could have said "Chill Jill !!" .. but as it was, I could only manage "Loaf Soph !!"

You bid has been registered, Thank you!
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Don't forget to let me know about the kitty toes. Mmmmmm ..... Cheetos dust! :lick:
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