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Solar Redux 1

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Apophysis208b2 ~&~ Graffiti-Wall script ...

:sun: PNG ... ("tweet the deets" to your eyes, click full view)

Far too much negative space in the previous version ( Solar-Sunflower ) .. even though the space de negative was done on purpose, from a wallpaper-\-rule-of-thirds perspective, the adviser recommending that decision has been fired

due to the number of times I have rendered this, I have copious quantities ... and, yes, I am going to post them .. like it or not

:blahblah:'s and :+fav:'s will get you into Heaven on a busy night .. Heaven Sushi and Fries, on Broadway and First

See Also: Solar-Redux-2
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Of the two images, I like this best because of the contrast between the sun and the background. More drama, y'know?

The center sun looks like a cone/tube/wormhole made of carved or inlaid gold, like Bidri [link] or Damascene [link]

The various colors along the outside of the sun/cone/tube/wormhole keep the image from being too static or predictable. Nice touch.


'Here comes the sun, da da da da...'
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the carved gold motif was what I was going for with the original post, and why I looked at so many color schemes (to get the antiquing) .. this gradient was declined at the last minute because it made the gold flower smaller .. but, in retrospect, the effect isn't as apparent due to the muted surrounding colors

the graffiti wall script uses the "crackle" plugin, and in a smaller test render creates a more solid effect .. when writ large, the fish-nettiness lets more of the dark out (to borrow a phrase from the 'canned eclipse' people

I was kinda thinkin the softer version would be more popular .. but the dark beat it by double ... and here I stand, in ass-less chaps, holding a rose, and nobody offered to give me a ride home

:b0x0rz: :rose:
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"here I stand, in ass-less chaps, holding a rose, and nobody offered to give me a ride home"

Turn around.

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I like this.. the sunflower stands out against the black beautifully.. it looks great. and you do have to view to see all the fine lines and details... another good work
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ah .. unfortunately the orange bits ended up pale in the full size render .. they should be as bright and solid as the green + purple .. in the test render the gold is surrounded by color twiddly bits

cest la vie