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Apophysis & Photoshop

(*jedi hand wave*)

Please Full view .. and, since you've gone to the trouble of Full Viewing, could you then :+fav: it and :blahblah: me as well ... thanks


Aren't we all just huge blobs of protoplasm when we cut to the chase? ... some of us (*cough*) are better looking huge blobs of protoplasm than, say, the average huge blob of protoplasm .. And some of us (*cough*) are lesser huge huge blobs of protoplasm than, say, the huge blob of protoplasm we might be standing next to

disclaimer: .. NO huge blobs of protoplasm were offended during the writing, and subsequent reading, of this image description (sworn affidavits on file)

Plastianity by Trystic was used in the creation of this flame .. O_o .. wait, I might have that wrong .. lemme check

and .. amazing-circles .. catered the event

A fun time was had by all
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I needed an image for protoplasm and happily stumbled on this extraordinary piece. I could get lost in it for hours. Thank you for the inspiration!
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nice work keith...loves the glass looking circles =p
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Trippy as hell, and cool as hell! Awesome!
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VERY nice, this looks fascinating and gorgeous :+fav:

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I swear those look like flowers in there... I'm glad everyone enjoyed your event ! It's always such a drag when people have a bad time at parties ... :nod:
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Well worth the sacrifice of waiting for the render.. hehehe....
Very nice work there Baby Big Ears.. lovely design and colour.. lots of detail when full viewed... and certain blobs of protoplasm are a lot bigger than others.. =P lol
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Wow, cool! Colourful blobs of protoplasm! :D I might sound like some mad scientist but this picture somehow reminds me of blood cells and the nervous system. Very organic.
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What amazing fractals you're doing
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very interesting and colorful, I like the design :)
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