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Mushtang Sally

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apophysis208b2 .. :onfire:

:cd: Listen! .. All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)

Ode to the Mushroom

Oh, Mushroom, why art thou so musky? ...
Served mornin' bright, and evenin' dusky
By sweaty chef, who sautees brusquely

:ashamed: um, that's all I've got so far .. it's a work in progress

:blahblah:'s and :+fav:'s rewarded with karma in your next life

:woohoo: PNG's .. by Pencil-Necked Geeks .. fer Pencil-Necked Geeks
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relhomHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool..
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Thanks Richard :D
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Yeah, baby, we're talkin' psychedelic mushrooms fer sure! :pills:

Nice texture-type stuff in the shroom cap and the neon/electric blue is great.

You're workin' the music world lately: Wilson Pickett, Bon Jovi, Sam the Sham, the list goes on.

:dance: :music::music::music::music::music::boogie:
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I bought up all those catalogs from Michael Jackson .. so .. a guy's gotta make a buck
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A glowing mushie.. I think your getting there with your script.. looks good I like the electrifying colour.. and little details all down the stem.. nice work
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thanks .. did you render my graffiti wall? .. huh? huh? huh?

no? .. that's why I won't release it .. no interest
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OI!!!!!!!!! I tried and i DID note you with a problem i had with it... :fork:
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the .. let me guess .. palette problem?
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yes? .... did I not send a reply to that? .. or did I just dream it?

you know me and senility
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lol yes I know you and senility.. lol.. and yes you did.. and it won't work..

why am I writing on here.. lol
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try putting a ; in front of the P

because ; + P make ;p

I won't write anymore on the matter ;P
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