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Graffiti On First Street

Apophysis208b2 ~&~ modified scriptage by Rozrr

Download = 1920x1200 (Here, thar be details)

Working on my first script .. erm, modifying a script .. well, actually .. I was thinking of how the word script was spelled, and how, you know, it looks with the light of a full moon dancing in its hair, the sound of its heaving bosom, air in, air out .. the way it twirls its hair without realizing it

Hopefully, you pedestrians will like this Graffiti, because, in a matter of speaking, you might find yourself walking through a bad part of town for the next couple weeks .. painted wall after painted wall ... and, yeah, some of it might look familiar after a while .. and, there's a lot of street names to use .... better bring a bag lunch

Practice by looking at THESE ... fake, imitation, posers that they are

You can get your kicks on route 66 by :blahblah: me AND :+fav:'ing this ... 'tis the coin of the realm
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Glad to see you're not becoming a one-trick-pony like some people we know & love ! Well... I know & love. =p

Seriously Keith, this is terrific ! That's a great looking background texture, it looks like a carpet actually. ;)

But.... just out of curiosity.... wasn't there some Bond villain with some dental issues ?
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Thank you LG .. I'm trying to do my own script, so that the interwebs can be flooded with this EXACT image .. and of course, everybody else's copy winning DD's


but I am still doing the heavy lifting with the flames, as I have not prodceeded with Final transform addition .. or, of course, randomness(which is beyond me)

but I am enjoying my results

bond villain = jaws (henchman)
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You're own script ? Keith that's wonderful !!! Then you can see 18,00 images from me ! :lmao: Good luck hon..... I can't wait for the announcement on the Apo mailing list. :D
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apo mailing list? ... but I'm out of stamps

dammit, I knew this was gonna cost money

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I might be about to front you 50 cents to pay for a stamp :P
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I really like a lot of graffiti, aka street art. Nice examples, thanks.

I really like this fractal. Great use of colors and shapes and a fine composition to set it all off to advantage. This is one of my favorites of yours.

I really like the way you write about script.

BTW, one of the things I see when I look at this fractal is teeth, cool swirly golden teeth...from the inside of a mouth. :shrug:
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lol .. teeth ... its working name was 'gentle-dental' .. I even had it dialed in pearly and was going to name it along those lines, but said "nah, I'll have to explain it"

Thank you for the remark about this being "the best image known to man" .. (*looks to see if he read that right*)

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Of course you read that right.

No, you didn't have to explain the best image known to man. Not to me.

Be afraid.
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