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George, having been caught cavorting with Orc women while he was supposed to be protecting the people of the Lowland Elves "Windswept" Clan, is punished by pulling the graveyard shift, walking the cold and lonely nightime\early morning patrol. Plenty of opportunities for nebulous encounters, such as these dutiful Does grazing in the morning fog ... and meeting with Gruelcilla, his Orc mistress, in her cottage just over the next rise ... after all, what could they possibly do to him this time.

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Primary Resources Used

Foggy Scene ... Mecki49

Elven Archer ... Adzica

Foreground ... Kearj

Deer also from pixelquelle.de

Many thanks to ALL contributors ...

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My thanks to Amaris (ladyprariefire) .. for flicking my ear and "pointing" out that I, too, can create Fantasy

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and ... No, Dear .. No Deer were harmed in the making of this FANTASTICAL image
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ThePhilosopherEdwardProfessional Writer
Beautiful, really fantastical :)
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RuskatukkaHobbyist Digital Artist
Your picture on my front page :rose: Thanks!
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Hertz18360Hobbyist Photographer
Very cool. The setting and clothing remind me of some alternate reality Poland. The scene was set nicely, and the background paragraph was excellent.

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Thank you kindly

the Man in the piece IS from Poland

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Hertz18360Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome. I totally called that one.
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This is such a moving, mystical piece. I love everything about it...and hope you'll post more like this one soon. :wow:
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Thank you .. I am happy with it too
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You're very welcome. Nice work!
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I love this! I think he looks so real! I love the story too! This is an instant :+fav:!!
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Thank you very much!! :D
LyinRyan's avatar
You're very welcome!! :D
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Yeah ... what he said. :lol: Great fantasy image Keith ... when can we expect more ? Because this image is fantastic, absolutely your best. :+favlove:
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fcuking awesome dude
two thumbs fresh :D
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Very cool....gotta love those ears.
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This is very cool! The blending of all those various elements is wonderful. I love the pattern you added to the jacket, the foggy/misty thingy that creates so much atmosphere, the bow on his back and the ears...nice ears!

What could they do to him this time? The dreaded Elven Ear Torture, for one. :fear:

Is Gruelcilla worth it? Could she be an informant? Will the Elven Council torture George's dainty ears? What will happen to our hero?

Tune in next week...same Elf time, same Elf channel!
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Hahaha .. another channel I have to subscribe to ...

Thanks .. :nod:
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Welcome. :D

I only have the Bat channel and the Elf channel, myself.
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I'm still lost for words... :judge: :worship:
EXCELLENT.. Love it !!!!!!!!
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