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Childhood Memories 2

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Photoshop & Apophysis

This is a Second Version of .. Childhood Memories .. for those of you that feel Kids should be heard and not seen


Marbles Created in Apophysis and Glassed in PS

Stock Resources from sxc.hu

Clouds by .. greengan

Grass by .. jefras


Who's your daddy?
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MzKitty45601Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: Fantastic. I love it :+fav:
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Thank you .. and I like cats too :D
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MzKitty45601Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: You are quite welcome. Oh goodie, another cat lover. (I have tons of photos of mine throughout my gallery) My avatar is me and my cats too. ;)
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I like this very much. As a child I remember staring/peering into marbles and inside they sometimes looked like some strange and beautiful planet. I recall one that looked like a desert, and I had it in a little treasure box for so long { gone now}. Nice work.
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(*falls over in a dead faint*)


:D .. thank you Ms Maven
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bluesman219Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice!! :)
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:music::sing:"Where have all the children gone? Long time paa-aassing...":music:

I like ones with the kids in it, too...probably because of my over-analyzed view of it. :lol:
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Beautiful as it is, Jackie's assessment is right.... I thought the first had more feeling too.

Ya know.... the least you could do is do a Corn Queen one ! *hands on hips & glaring*
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oh .. trust me .. I have ideas :evillaugh:
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Goodie ! :D Let's see 'em then ! :nod:
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Still a great peaceful scene... wonderful colour and design.. but i think the first one with the children in it had more feeling...

Its good to see you creating again.. it's about time.. ;)
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art137 Digital Artist
I like it. I think it might look better if you removed the cloud at the tip of the top right corner.

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actually .. I'm not real happy with the sky .. I chose it because I had one of the marbles up there as a planet .. (hence the open area) .. but decided it was a bit much

I had everything in the image down lower, giving more room for the planet, and raised it up after removing it .. stopping just short of moving that bit of cloud off

thanks for the review :D
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