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Chaos Storm

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:strong: - Apophysis - No Postwork - :strong:

:slow: I spent a couple hours carefully placing text in this box. As you can see, I don't have much to show for it. The quote below should sum it up for you.

The tempest in my mind doth from my senses take all feeling

They're coming to take me away ------> :ambulance:
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simply put, wow.
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I like the wildness of this flame:!: Looks like we're getting back to the meaning of your name here :rofl:

If you need any help with the prints drop me a note, I may be able to help, but can't promise:D
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Thank you, Karren ... I will take you up on that someday. My stuff doesn't seem to appeal to the masses ... could be the art .. or the ...humor ... found herein. Not many people know I have three heads so it is certainly not me.
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I've never sold one either, some people just have no taste:rofl:

My main reason for opening the print account was so I could buy my own, with the discount and including the shipping it works out quite a bit cheaper that I can get them done here in the UK. The quality is fantastic too:!: I am patiently waiting for the flame that *Aeires sent me for christmas, it's being framed right now:!:
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Yup yup, that's a good one. :thumbsup:
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:D Thanks, Nate, always good to hear from you ... especially with your busy schedule these days ;)
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My eyes are bleeding......
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That's a good thing, right? ... It was when I was your age
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Yup, anytime my eyes or the back of my knees start leaking, it's a good thing.
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The back of your knees? .... I'm not touching that for nuthing. ... I don't want to know ... please dont tell me :ignore:

Unless, you were assembled, in a sweat shop in El Salvadore, by an underage labor force, ... that would be a cool story

or ... religious stigmata ... I could do with a chuckle
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looks like the film "fantastic voyage, when they get to the brain! so pretty!
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I remember seeing that when it came out ... don't think I could stomach it now .. I have little patience for old film-making standards ... raquel welch was so over rated ... I tried to get my money back for the posters I had
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you did? i know i think she was pre-implants too! but i like the cheezy filmmaking of the 60's. those posters would be worth dough now from retro buffs on ebay.! [link]
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uhm... wow, have I mentioned how much I love most of your stuff? how long do you tend to take on each one?
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:wave: Thanks, Josh, I appreciate your kind words. This was approx 6 hours on a 2.8ghz 512MB machine (16x12 PNG - 10,000 quality - defaults on the other settings) with me using the machine for internet surfing while it rendered.

I'd like to gear up for doing PRINTS at some point so i'll need to think in terms of rendering a minimum of 4 x this size ... I should discuss that with somebody using apop to sell prints though.

Zoom and increasing Oversample are the biggest "Hour Devourers" ... Acapulco Gold was a 56 hour render and was an extreme zoom. I'd like to do other versions, but, .... 56 hours hurts ...

Ectoplasmic Gummybear was the first time I used 10k quality and it was 4 or 5 hour render ... so that's proof enough that the high quality setting isn't adding to the time because you'd have a hard time convincing me that it would be significantly less time at, say, 2000 quality.

Someday, I guess, I should read the documentation for the prog :D
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ah, I've just used the defaults on all the renders I've done, so they've been about 2-5 minutes a piece... But when I asked about how long it took you, I meant more along the lines of actually making the thing, before rendering. I usually get a coupple in an hour, and they don't turn out nearly as nice as yours, so I'm guessing either you're real lucky/good or you put a bit of time into it before render
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Some are straight finds and some have been threatened with bodily harm if they didn't sing on que.

Fractal Art is Mostly:

1) Exploration ... ... Luck, really, nothing more
2) Identification ... . Luck, again, really, nothing more
3) Presentation ... .. Luck, once again, nothing more

So, lets recap, ... Luck, Luck, and more Luck :D

Due to the render times I usually face I don't think in terms of 2 an hour but more like one or two a day. (i do continue to explore and find new prospects, though)

And, if by default settings, you mean 200 quality you should consider ramping up to 2000 as you increase image size ... which, I trust, you'll do as you become happier with your results.

Have you?
.... messed with "Forced Symmetry" (options\random tab) choose rotational ... anything up to 16 for a number, after that it turns to mush

..... messed with scripts ... (for example) ... Spiralize ....Make Bilateral (mirrored left-to-right)... The ones with "Batch" in their names will basically generate a new batch of "RANDOMS" featuring spirals and such.

peace - out
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lmao @ Canoe..... good one Rebecca... lol... I really like this one Keith... love the colours.... it really does look like a storm... well worth the wait...
love it... :clap:
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First think I thought of when I saw this whas that this must be what it would look like inside your brain with all that whatnot going on in there....

Really like this one, Keith :)
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oooooooh its so good....im almost tempted to eat it...or maybe even molest it...but i have a feeling i might get sick if i do...so i will just admire it from afar :D i heart it
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i like this its like a nebula
and thanx for the comments on my images
i will start the iron suppliments right away sir
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