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Cawfy Freq

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Apophysis Two Oh Five Bee Two Zee Plus Cee Plus .. and Pea Ess Cee Ess Two ..

(*steps back, admires handywork*)

:coffeemachine: .. and .. Aren't we all Cawfy Freqs in some manner .. even if you loath Cawfy, but prefer Tee, or Sodie Pawp .. or even Wotter

We are slaves to the grind .. and YES, wotter is ground too .. they have to scrap off the words "this was free until we put it in this bottle" .. that's printed on every wotter bean by international law (true story)

:eyepopping: Xcuse Mah Englitch .. Cawfy does that to Mie .. the synapses, they fire out of order .. not my fault

the voices in mah head tell me the The Scarlet Pimpernel de Plastique was drinking Cawfy with me at some point in the evening .. don't know where he buggered off to .. I must have lost time ..

oh! .. and just so you know .. this image has won the following acknowledgments:

Farmer's Almanac: :sheepish: :sheepish: :sheepish: :sheepish: :sheepish:


PIMP MY PIXEL: :ekud: :ekud: :ekud: :ekud: :ekud:

I'm sure those of you that know which side your bread is buttered on will want to be on the same side as the PMP and the FA .. if only to keep them from mixing up their awards

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:ohmygod: I can't begin to tell you how long it took me to work out your title. In my defense the Freq had me stumped. :shakefist: I gotta admit though that is one very cool spiral. Basic yes, but elegant in it's simplicity.

*sniff* And I said all that without the aid of corn, tyvm !
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Huh?? :confused: :D Nice work and your description of the apophysis is how I feel sometimes when I'm trying to remember which one I used!! :rofl:
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"Hi. I'm Kat."

:community: "HI KAT!"

"I admit that I'm addicted to cawfy and that my life has become more manageable."

:community: "AWWWWWW!!!

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woohoo i'm furst.... da cawfy is goud n hawt :coffeecup: luv da colour and design.. wudn't it taste like plastic cos its made of plastic? or is that wrapped in plastic.. :confused:

so when do I get my next copy of Farmer's Almanac :sheepish: and PIMP MY PIXEL :ekud:?? *runs off to wait at mailbox.. hurry up its cold standing here :snowing:..