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Brass for Brass Sake

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Brass for Brass' Sake

:house: Mr. Horatio P. Brasschester, after consulting with a psychic medium, began construction on, what has come to be known as the, Brasschester Mystery House  to atone for all the people forced to look at plumber butts since his grandfather invented the brass fittings used in plumbing.

:shakefist: .. It is believed that the ghosts of the poor wretched souls who died of CRACK exposure were killing off his family members, and only the continuous fitting of fittings could appease those harmed over the years .. for if he were to cease construction, he would cease to live.

:phonecall: Mr. Horatio P. Brasschester could not be reached for comment

:cd: :sing: ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪ Sing Along with Horatio P Brasschester ♫ ♪ ♩ ♬
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Aside from all the brassy assy crack jokes..ahem...I like this a lot more than the blue one. You're doing a lot better. :nod:
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In my opinion, someone had to atone for the cracks. :moon:

Are the relatives gonna turn the house into a tourist attraction? Can I go see it in all its shiny, brassy, pipe-y glory? :please:
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I saw a painting somewhere, probably the internet, that was called "Still life with plumber" .... your typical bowl of fruit on a kitchen table, with a plumber crack just past it, maybe a little post modernism art-deco depth of field blur ... I don't know

somewhere, on my person, there was a chuckle