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Black-Throated Wind

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"You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know"

The title comes from the Grateful Dead's "Black-Throated Wind" .. a song of Life, The Road, and Hitchhiking ..

(but, then, aren't all songs?)

♫ ♪ ♩ ♬ ..

The black-throated wind, whispering sin
And speaking of life that passes like dew
It's led me to see if you want to be free
Have your way with each day as its granted to you

♩ ♫ ♬ ♪

Admittedly, I was saving this name for a photo-manipulation .. but seeing as how I don't do THAT, anymore, apparently .. I thought I'd whip it out on you now .. and should I ever re-install Photoshop and its band of merry men .. you can probably drill down in my gallery and find this renamed to .. Rapunzel's Purple Locks

Rapurpzel, Rapurpzel, let down your fine hair
and I better not find unwanted turquoise highlights there
for only Rocko, the swashbuckling hairdresser, can these do
and only if he's been up in yo' tower wit' you

The Brothers Grimm said:
swashbuckling hairdressers that liked THIS, also liked Slipstream
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Schizo!!! .. hey ol' man, you been how? .. eh, .. how you been?

former band members always get me flustered
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Been doing alright. My course load has been kicking my butt, but I'll be graduating in December. 8D It's getting closer! Cloooooooser...

How've you been?
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so .. you're gonna be all smart and stuff? .. great ..

I've been staying out of trouble .. mostly :ashamed:
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lol Yeah. SMRT. That's me. xD Mostly, I'm going to have a degree that will hopefully let me get a job doing something I like. Hopefully being the operative word.

Staying (mostly) out of trouble is good. A little trouble keeps things interesting after all. :D
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like it :)
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Thank you, Jorlin .. I appreciate the llama and the :+fav: as well
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This is a surprisingly sensual fractal. Dark, undulating and quiet, like smooth music on a moonlit night.

True story:

I used to live in an apartment in downtown Minneapolis that was on the edge of an area that was pretty much deserted at night, a place of office buildings and parking structures. At night, I had an amazing view of the downtown area, a true urban landscape of lights, glass, steel and concrete. Sound reverberated back and forth between the buildings, carrying exceptionally well. For a while, a guy who played jazz/blues saxophone would practice on the top floor of a parking garage near my apartment and the sound wove its way through the streets and landed squarely on my ears. At times, I'd open my windows as widely as possible, turn off the apartment lights and sit in the dark watching the night views and listening to the music. A perfectly city experience.

This fractal reminds me of that.
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