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KDgamer015's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, it's me KennethDav
Also known as "DavAnime"

it's my second profile to show you my very own Anime Drawings i have done, if you want to see my old profile
take a look.

I Create OC's Anime, And Many More In My Own Anime Drawing Style, featuring Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, And Others, And Also My Friends In Anime Drawings.

("DavAnime" KennethDav-KDgamer015)


Hero Crew - Super Battle
Well Since Hero Crew was a Side scrolling beat em up, i will
make this one event cool as a close to a spin-off fighting game

Also The Green Stands For The Good Guys, And The Red Stands For The Bad Guys
Playable Characters:
1. Naughty B.
2. Sliced
3. Kangy
4. Randy
5. Kevin
6. Serina
7. Wilden James
8. Mr. Red
9. ???
10. X-83
11. Doe (Dorkyguy)

I will make More Characters For The Hero Crew Series

In This Game Of The Hero Crew, It's Actually A Style Of "Power Stone"

The reason why Doe is in this roster because of this amazing drawing


Sprites By :icondorkyguy: And KDgamer015
Doe Belongs To Dorkyguy

Naughty B, Sliced, Kangy, Randy, Kevin, Serina, Wilden James Mr. Red and X-83 Belongs To KDgamer015
And The Squirrel Boy Originally Belongs To Jay Ward, But Randy Is KDgamer015's Version Of Rocket J. Squirrel

Idea By KDgamer015
Kevin Ending - Kevin Joins The Hero Crew
Naughty B: come guys let's go to our home

Sliced: Alright

Kangy: Sure Thing Mate

Randy: What A Day We Have

Kevin: uh....guys?

*The Crew stops walking and looks at Kevin  in a sad way*

Naughty B: yes, kid...

Kevin: Thanks For The Help Guys....

*Kevin Hugs Naughty B, As A Sad Goodbye*

Kevin: when am i going to see you again...

Naughty B: Don't cry kid, we will always be with ya.

Sliced: but Naughty B, can he be our Human Ally

Naughty B: Hmmm, I Wonder..

Kangy: It's Okay Mate, You Can Be Our Friend

Randy: And We Can Be A Team Together.

*Kevin Smiles In Tears*

*Naughty B Hugs Kevin In Joy*


*Kevin laughs in joy, with Naughty B, Sliced, Kangy, And Randy Hugging Together*

Sprites By :icondorkyguy:
Background (C) CAPCOM

Characters Belongs To KDgamer015,

This Squirrel Boy Character Originally Belongs To Jay Ward,
But Randy Is Actually KDgamer015's Version Of Rocket J. Squirrel
Anime Doodles
Drawings By KDgamer015

Speed Racer

Speed Racer (C) TATSUNOKO
Drawing By :iconss2sonic:
Colored By KDgamer015

Character Belongs To CAPCOM
Darkstalkers (C) CAPCOM
Negan - Png by Simmeh

KDgamer015 All-Stars Moveset: Negan ( Special Guest Character )

Name: Negan

Species: Human

Fighting Style: None (Barbwire Bat)

Series: AMC's The Walking Dead

Character Bio:
Here Is Negan's Overview Belongs To "Fandom"


1. Negan walks forward and says "I hope you got your sh*tting pants on"
2. Negan looks at the opponents and says " Hell.... your all going to be doing that "
3. Negan calls in the distance when he says "Little Pig Little Pig, Let Me In ! "
4. Negan looks both ways and spread his arm out wide in a i don't know way, and says "I Can't Even Decide"

Natural Attacks:

X Button: Natural A,A,A - Negan swings his barbwire bat, left and and knees the opponent and slams his barbwire bat downward

X Button: Side A - Negan elbows the opponent hardly

X Button: Down A - Negan swings his barbwire bat sideways while crouching

X Button: Up A - Negan swings his barbwire bat upward

Dash Attack: Negan slams downward hardly with his barbwire bat

Special Moves:

B Button: Your It - Negan walks slowly while whistling, and start pointing to the opponent to figure out to knock the opponent down, (when you release the B button, Negan knocks down the opponent with his barbwire bat)

Side B: You Got No Guts - Negan brings his long knife, while jabbing the opponent in combo type

Down B: No Exceptions - Negan stands, while the opponent hits Negan, he slams the opponent 2 times hardly and says " No Exceptions "

Up B: Grenade Thrower - Negan tackles the opponent and puts the grenade on the opponent and kick the opponent down and explodes while Negan jumps away from the opponent

Strong Attack:

Strong Side Y: Negan Swing his barbwire bat hardly to knock out the opponent away

Up Side Y: Negan swings his barbwire bat downward to launch the opponent in the air in pain

Down Side Y: Negan kicks hardly side to side and slams his opponent with his barbwire bat

Power Stars:

Power 1: Negan Says "You Really Cross The Line Here" and dashes towards the opponent and catches the opponent, Negan stares at the opponent in disappointment, while the opponent looks at Negan in a sad/fear way and Negan stabs the opponent through the neck

(Inspired By Negan Stabs David Scene ) *WARNING - TOTALLY VIOLENT*

Power 2: Negan dashes towards to catch all the opponents, and says "That's All You Got To Say" stands there, and throws the opponents in the fire
(Inspired By Negan Throws Dr. Carson In Fire Scene)

POWER 3: Negan says to his barbwire bat, Lucille to say his quote "Lucille give me strength, and launches all the opponents with his barbwire bat
The opponents land on a place where the crickets chirping (Place From The Walking Dead) Negan Looks At The Opponents And Says
" OH, LOOK AT THAT, TAKING IT LIKE A CHAMP ! ! ! " and slams the opponents in the head as a finishing move

(Inspired By This Scene, Also A Rage Art In Tekken 7)

Quotes Getting Points:

Negan: Ha Ha Ha Haaaaahhh

Negan: Lucille Is Thirsty

Negan: HAH, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Negan: Feels Good...Sounds Good

Negan: It's Over

Negan: Holy Shit !

Quotes Using An Item:

Negan: Lucille is getting a little bit jealous

Negan: What the hell is this doing here ?

Negan: God damn, this should be good

Negan: I need a little help with these damn things

Quotes Returning To Battle:

Negan: Not Cool...

Negan: Shit ! WHAT THE SHIT ! ?

Negan: Now your pissing me off RIGHT NOW !

Negan: Pissing Our Pants Yet ?

Victory Poses:

1. Negan leans his back laughs, and looks at Lucille (Barbwire Bat) and says " Oh My Goodness...Look At THIS ! "

2. Negan leans his back and says "She Is A VAMPIRE BAT !" and walks away from the screen while smiling

3. Negan looks at the camera, puts his barbwire bat between his back and says, your still there.....It looks your trying to speak

4. Negan says "i gotta go..GET ME A DRINK"

Lose Pose:

Negan face palms in disappointment.

Character Belongs To AMC

The Walking Dead (C) AMC

Idea By KDgamer015 but Negan Was In Tekken 7 by the way.



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