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::Fall of Hyrule, Somniaya:: [Update 9/23/16]

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Update on our local Twili Priestess and my Artwork of her!
***Will be editing profile entirely, and will eventually post her Kargarok;; 
Full Body Ref
: Somniaya (Som-Ni-Aya)

Age: 28

Date of Birth: December 21, XXXX

Height: 5'11

Weight: 147 lbs

Gender: Female

Race: Twili

Class/Occupation: Necromancer/Twili Priestess--Forest Sage

Class Base Skills: 
Necromancer Level 1- Dead Hand 
Necromancer Level 2- Skulltula Legs
Necromancer Level 3 - Eye of Truth
Thorn Barrage:  Allows the owner of this skill to call on the powers of Saria, releasing a blitz of vines to shoot up from the ground to instantly KO A monster the same level or lower than they are. However they are open for attack the next turn. (Limit one use per RP)

Race Class Skills: 
 Twili Level 1-Portal
Twili Level 2-Curse of the Goddesses
Twili Level 3 - Summon

Alliance: Lawful Neutral 
+Listening to sounds, be it music , cricket song, or the rustling of leaves
+Reading (Braille)
+Quiet Areas

-Feeling Helpless
-Crowded Areas
-Loud Places

-Goron Tunic (sash form)
-Blue Potion Coupon
-Long Cane

Gentle- The sort to not push or shove, she'll always try to sympathize and ease others pain. If one would ever need a shoulder to cry on, she'd offer her own.
Motherly- The priestess tends to fuss over others, sometimes scolding and urging them to be mindful that there are others who care for them.
You Before Me- Often urges others needs are more important than her own, causing her tendencies to make herself neglectful of herself...
Kind-She wishes to help others in any way she can. There are those who showed her kindness and people close to her heart, and she wishes to pay the back tenfold.
Playful and Mischievous at times- Hey, just because she's a priestess, doesn't mean she can't have some fun. She enjoys going on from jokes and teasing, but unfortunately she won't understand perverted jokes. It takes a few moments for them to click in. If she has the chance though~..she'll get you back with her own little mischief.
Diplomatic/Politcal- Somniaya will always try to use words to soothe others, give advice, or try to smooth a situation out and avoid conflict. 
Open, but somehow...- The Twili is rather open to lending others advice and the like, but she seems rather closed off when there are matters considering herself.

Bio:{Revamping Past, stay tune!}

Since then, Somniaya has joined the Resistance, in hopes of somehow aiding her home world. She was once distrustful of the people, but has come to adapt to Hyrule, while trying to overcome her disabilities and aid in the cause along with befriending the people of the realm. She has come to grow attached to the people she calls friends and would even consider Hyrule her home now. 

Accompanying the escapades of the Resistance, Somniaya has changed from the naive priestess she was. On Death Mountain, she realized that death; could occur at any time for her and her own companions. And things aren't always as they seem, she learned this at the Temple of Time when Kravok had revealed his true intentions. Such things toiled with her, physically and emotionally, she eventually ultimately changed. Somniaya has come far from the person she once was, her heart hardened. Though she remains the same person as she was before, her personality has become dire when it comes to liberation of Hyrule and wishes to make every action count towards it.

With the revelation of her as one of the Sages, she was taken back by this, but has become more determined and a bit hopeful in a few ways as the resistance steps closer into gathering the Sages. 

Other Information: [Updating...]


Vanda: "A lovely person. She cares so much about everyone, I can see that after Death Mountain, I hope I can help her with protecting the others like she did with me on the mountain. But now I fear for her, for she seems rather ill..."

Kahili: "A determined young lady, as she does her best to support everyone. She also seems to be afraid that she'd be a burden to others..I can reassure her she is not. But all and all, she's rather sweet, and has a lovely singing voice. Recently, she has disappeared...I worry for her safety and aiding in the search for her. I pray that she is unharmed..."

Phoenix: "My first conversation with him was on the mountain, he seemed like a good fellow. I can understand why everybody would be shocked of this..."betrayal" of his. I wish I got to know him more in the past...I pray to the goddesses that he rests in their light."

Poe Peddler/Kravok: "I...I truly don't know what to say about him anymore...surely like everyone else, his recent betrayal is heart wrenching for me as well. But he's the enemy now, and I can't tolerate any of the terror he may inflict on others and this world."

Karan: "A girl who wandered upon our feast in the resistance. When I spoke to her, she was rather a nice and a curious sort of girl. She's determined to help others and I admire that greatly. She has this refreshing, innocent feeling that the resistance needs in these times."

Belit: "A fellow Twili that I met at the feast. She seemed rather on edge when we first met, but she was quite polite and was kind to me during the feast and the bee accident. Though it doesn't seem like she likes Marci that much."

Marci: "A dealer that I met and who apparently saved me from a monster while I was running an errand. She's quite the funny and an upbeat sort, but a wee bit hot-tempered."

Jung: "I consider us to be friends, we often exchange our quips and comments in a playful manner. To which I admit, it's quite enjoyable, hehe! Despite his flirtatious demeanor, however, he's caring and fiercely loyal to his companions. Though I'm rather concerned for him, due to the events that occurred recently to him..."

Richic: "A funny bard, he has this endearing sort of charm about him though."

Fiyero: "I met this valiant fellow on one of our many quests. He's a joking, brave sort who seems to care greatly for Marci and Vanda (I emphasize on Vanda...hehe). Though he seems to beat himself a lot when it comes to certain things."

Jerial: "A flirtatious Geurdo, who is rather light hearted and concerned for his friends. I don't know much of him, but he's quite pleasant. He's taken into me calling his "dark beauty" to my amusement." 

Lily: "An enemy that became our ally on our quest at the Forest Temple. I sympathize with her pain, and hope we'll be able to aid her in some way. I worry for her..."

Rp method: Chatroom, Comment, Note, Skype.

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Behold, the face of Twili Bae. <3
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A Twili!! Very nice ^^
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Why thank you! I still have to update her art though xD
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Heheh I look forward to seeing the updated art!!
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Aaah, she's so cute!
I really wanna have an RP among this cutie and Dusk >u<
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Yes! She's a sage now! I'm so excited to see more of her! >w< 
  Oh~ I hope we can RP someday! Namo would love to meet the new Forest Sage! :heart:
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Oh, same! I'm sure Somniaya would love to meet Namo too~ :D
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Somniaya is straight up perfection. SO happy that she's a sage :love:
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Awwww, no she's far from perfect! :blush:
But I'm happy you like how she turned out, Folly =3. 
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oh wow she looks gorgeous~ love the app update >w< I'm excited to see her in action
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Thankies Guard! >w< 
I'm looking forward to it too!
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