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If there's one thing I love is to be appreciated for a hard work no one asked for;
I singlehandedly and on my account created a fully animated Zero Punctuation episode… and I finally got a comment from Yahtzee's Twitter account:
"Blimey and chips, this impresses me, and not just because it's the sound of my own voice:…".
Thanks you, for your support, everyone.
After my last ZP project where I reanimated an ending sequences from the FFXIII episode I decided to take it to the next level and reanimate an entire episode,
so there you go, The first (and maybe not the last) fully animated Zero Punctuation episode.…
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Called Jerusalem 2111, I'm really really eager to participate.
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Well then, as you can see I got rid of my old avatar and replaced it with me burning while having a nice wild crazy grin.
On other note my music vid reached an impressive amount of 2,624 viewers in 5 days, now it need to feat into my brothers speculation of 20,000 view in the second week.
Wish me luck,
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For the last few months I was working on a music clip for my uncle's band "The DavidSons" and I'm glad to inform that the task has been completed!
The clip features Barak Obama as he sings to his wife and being accompanied by himself dressed up as famous African Americans musicians.
If you want to watch it checkout the link in the bottom:
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If there something I learn in my life is, if someone do/say anything that you find pleasant you give him at least a compliment... And here lay my present irritation:

A few moments ago I got a massage that one of my works has been added to someone's favorites,
Naturally I was very excited that another someone appreciates my works.
So I send him a comment thanking her for the favorite and to my surprised I received an angry replay demanding me not to thank her for it.
I was quite baffled, I asked her why I shouldn't thank her and she angrily replied to read her journal in which she wrote that she hate thanking comments for faves and watchs and that they're taking space.
At this point I was a bit angry myself, for being treated so offensively because I thanked her for the fave, so I wrote her that I as much as I respect others ideas and opinions I found much she said to be insulting, to witch she replied that I'm spamming her account and I will not be warned again.

So I found this encounter to be an irritatingly bitter dead end in which I've ended up feeling rather bitter and irritated and disappointed that it wasn't solved properly, and thus I find myself blowing my steam to my journal for all my visitors to see.
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May 6th and today at 10 pm I was born and today I'll celebrate my Nineteenth birthday.

On a more stinky note, I woke up a bit ill this morning with aching head and throat.
so... "natural" to be me.

Other then that I finished a flash short I have bin working on for a few months and I'll submit it later this day.
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