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The Incredible Shrinking Mandy? (Anime Style)

You know it's weird... I can't stand / I hate The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy but I can't help but look at it, it's like a car wreck to me. I think the only thing good about that show was Grim's character and the concept. Anyway I have no Idea why I wanted to Draw an Anime/PPGZ style comic based on this particular episode if TGAOBAM, which BTW has the most MISLEADING Title in the entire series... And Yes Mandy's clothes ripped some even if I did age her up to a teen... oh and she's blushing and taking a knee this time... (sigh) help me.

TGAOBAM by Maxwell Atoms and Cartoon Network
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goldorakx69's avatar have to me to Fix it...again!
Herowebcomics's avatar
I jhad a feeling something like this would happen!  XD
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Rule one and this is the most impotent rule of them all. Never, EVER!!!! Make Mandy mad, there well be consequences. now if you excuse me, :sprint:  
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I really loved she grew in that episode instead of being shrunken :)
lordadrian1000's avatar
I remember this! A very great one on your part.
BH-Ouji's avatar
I like your version of Grim :)
Ilovefallingcows25's avatar
I remember the episode where Billy made Mandy giant
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