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Dexter and Blossom's date

By KCruzer
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I haven't made a pic of either of these CN stars in a while have I ... Well so I made a pic of them on a date. Hyper Blossom (Momoko) thinks Dexter looks super cute with out his Glasses and in normal clothing! But she soon realizes how much he needs to see!

Buttercup: I can't believe Blossom's going out with that... that... nerd!
Bubbles: Aw come on Buttercup why can't you be happy for them, they look so cute and happy together!
DeeDee: Yeah! She's right! I admit I envy Dexter. But I will support what's best for him and what makes him happy. n_n
Buttercup: Yeah whatever...
Bubbles: Buttercup why...wait don't tell me...
Buttercup: What is it Bubbles?
Buttercup (Blushing): WHAT !?! NO!!! O.O
DeeDee: OMG that's so cute!
Bubbles and DeeDee: ROFLOL !!!!!
Buttercup:..........Dumb Blondes.........

Dexter's laboratory and PowerPuff Girls (Z) by CN
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Blossom: "Dexter! Are you okay?" 
Dexter: "Y...yes. I think so. Now can I have my glasses back please? I told you I can't see without them." 
Blossom: {Blushing} "Sorry. I...didn't your eyesight was that bad. Now I feel terrible." 
Dexter: {Puts his glasses back on} "If you want to make it up to me, fly us out of here while our sisters are busy fighting each other. I'm tired of having them follow us around thinking they are somehow being stealthy with all that noise they are making." 
Blossom: "Yeah. They are getting pretty annoying." {Picks up Dexter in her arms and fly them out of there} 
Buttercup: {Back in the bushes. Face bright red, she stomps and points.} "Would you guys shut up already? I told you, I don't have a crush on Dorkster over ther..." 
DeeDee: {DeeDee and Bubbles look, but see no one} "Huh? Where did they go?" 
Bubbles: {Scans the skyline} "I don't see them anywhere..." 
Buttercup: {Fuming} "Oh my Go...we lost them! Your laughing gave us away and now we lost them!! They could be anywhere by now! I am so blaming you two for this!" 
Buttercup, Bubbles, & Deedee: {Spend the next thirty minutes arguing over who's fault this is.} 
Blossom & Dexter: {Spends the rest of the evening having a wonderful time sharing hobbies, interests, and holding hands, ending with Blossom giving him a kiss on the cheek after he walks her home. That night, both go to bed excitedly looking forward to their next date next weekend. Hopefully without any annoying familial tag-alongs.} 
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the PPGZ are not Sisters!
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
great! XD
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That's what you call a blind date!
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jajajaja me mato esta imagen cacho golpe jajajajajajaja
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I would rather see a ButtercupxDexter picture since you gave a hint in your text.
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955rollingHobbyist General Artist
This is so cute!!! :-)
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Cool they're an awsome couple

Thanx 4 dah fave
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InvaderMyeMangaStudent General Artist
:D LOL poor Dex XP
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Really awesopme!! and cute!>w<
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notacukoofangirl121Student General Artist
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dexter is a big jerk and stupid nerd
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Thats what I thought to
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you ask me, by the time they admit their feelings for each other, Dexter's likely to get Momoko pregnant... and get married afterwords.
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fanficdudeHobbyist Writer
i wonder if you can do more blossxdex pics
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought DeeDee was supposed to be dead in this version.
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KCruzerHobbyist General Artist
That's :iconbleedman: 's version not mine or anyone elses.
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, I was just wondering.
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If you like this you should read SNAFU's PowerPuff Girls Doujin its really good

Pure Awesomeness
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KCruzerHobbyist General Artist
Hate to brake it to ya but..... I've known about the comic since the first chapter was made. In fact before I discovered Deviant Art I found the comic. In fact before I knew about any of this I made a crossover fic about Dexter and Blossom being best friends as they join forces to defeat Mojo and Mandark, but I eraced it. So now I just draw what I feel like!
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Is cute! teehee, such an adorable couple... Dexter just need pay attention =P
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mdizzle999872Hobbyist Writer
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