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**********CREATE A WOLF V.2 IS NOW ON DEVIANTART. PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK :] ---------> [link] <---------**********

Comments have been disabled as I no longer check this account. Please find me over at ~Khalypso But please keep in mind, I made this game years ago, so I'm probably not going to answer any questions about it anymore.

Okay. Been working on this for literally /days/. I decided to make a this.. cause well, I haven't seen any around.. at all. I'm fairly happy with how it came out; considering I've never done anything like this before. Anyway, feel free to post your wolf on your account, screenshot/ID/etc.. whatever you want, just give some credit is all ^^


Before you comment with a question or problem, please read below;

I cannot edit this I have lost the original file, and therefore I cannot take requests, fix anything, etc... Simply impossible.

To save you must screenshot. If you use a Mac, the keys for a screenshot are command + shift + 3. Or substitute 3 with 4 for a crosshair to appear and allow you to choose where you take your screenshot. If these keys wont work, then the default has been changed and you can fix this under System Preferences > Mouse & keyboard.

If you use a PC press Prt Scn then just open a word doc or Paint and right-click paste. You can then crop your picture however you like. There are also =many= free screencapture programs- just google :]

That is the best I can explain it. Sorry I just can't keep answering the same questions over and over, I honestly can't explain it any better. If it doesn't work, please don't ask me for help, cos I'm not a computer wiz, I doubt I will even know why it isn't working.

Yes you can use the screenshot on DA, or other websites for whatever you want. (except FA as it's against the rules there) All I ask is that you credit me. A username link and/or deviation link. Btw don't post on the neopets beauty contest cause it'll get removed. Also the design is completely yours, so I don’t need credit if you draw your character with that design ^^

I made this using Flash CS3 I've spent many hours creating a tutorial for anyone interested in doing it themself, clicky; [link] be creative with it. The tutorial is helpful for many kinds of Flash games/interactions you may wish to make, so it doesn't have to be just another create a wolf. It's extremely helpful for dress-ups and doll makers ^^

The game resets occasionally. Unfortunately there are actually no techniqual problems with the Flash file, and just like any game it can get glitchy at times. It's only been noted to reset occasionally when the backgrounds button is clicked, so if ya wanna be careful, screenshot before you click on that button.

I will probably be making more, but please stop suggesting stuff to me. I’ve heard them /all/, I’ve gotten just about every request possible, so yeah, thankyou but if I make another one it’ll be what I want to do, not because you request it.




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Create A Wolf (c) KCoyote (me)
Create A Dragon: [link]
Flash tutorial: [link]
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Really coool.I also can draw wolfs they turn into furrys now and then.
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