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Create A Dragon



Please, before you comment- There IS an option for claws;
markings >legs > toes, and in the 'toes' window somewhere xP


Instructions on how to 'save' (screenshot) are there for you to read in the game, right before the background choices. That is the best I can explain it Sorry I just can't keep answering the same questions over and over, I honestly can't explain it any better, if it doesn't work, please don't ask me for help, cos I'm not a computer wiz, I doubt I will even know why it isn't working.

Yes you can post a screenshot in your gallery. No need to ask my permission :] Just provide a link back to here or to my account as copyright in the description.

I made this using Adobe Flash CS3. If you have the program, and are interested in making it yourself, take a look at my tutorial - [link]

The game occasionally goes glitchy when a person will scroll or click on ‘backgrounds’, I’m aware of this problem, it’s an issue with DeviantArt, not the Flash file.

I will make a new one when I feel like it, please stop suggesting things for me to do

I AM NOT TAKING REQUESTS FOR THIS. Please understand, the file got so big by the end, I simply could not add anything new. I don’t care if you think there aren’t enough options, do-not-care, if you have a problem with it, then make one yourself. Also I’ve lost the original file when my harddrive died, so there’s actually no way of me editing it.


haha and don't mind the descriptions for the backgrounds. I needed something to fill up that space XD

The backgrounds are royalty free stock from around the internet.. and everything else was drawn and coded entirely by me. okayy. I think I'm done rambling now x]




Create A Dragon (c) KCoyote (me)
Create A Wolf: [link]
Flash tutorial: [link]
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Really cooooool.I can draw dragons.
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