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The Witching Hour Chapter 14
Kachina stood in front of the huge double doors and swung her sword against it. As it got closer to the door it started to separate in small sections held together by countless amethysts. It hit the door with a hard whack and the doubles doors in response uttered a loud crack as it tumbled to the ground and broke into a million peices. The buildings dark interior was lit up by the setting sun revealing what remained of the inside. The inside looked more solid than the outside. The walls were sturdy, the place was filled with large steel shelves that held a large amount of boxes on each. Kachina motioned for them to follow her inside.
One step inside and a foul smell reached Kaze’s nose. His face twisted in disgust as he covered his face. Suddenly he felt his ears perk up as he heard a weird sound. A soft clanking sound along with a loud squishing could be heard. They turned the next corner and saw four small groups of monsters gathered together in four small circles. The creature
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The Witching Hour Chapter 13
Kaze ripped open the large yellow envelope and spread out the documents on his desk in his bedroom. His mind kept telling him that he needed to get some sleep, he had a full day of tests tomorrow. ‘But how can I go to sleep with all this stuff going through my head right now?’ He thought.
Kachina Kiwidinok 
Age: 16
Current Rank: Captain
Profession: Combat Specialist
Soul Weapon: Whip-like Sword
Skill: Dazzling Amethyst Strike
Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA
The picture next to the name showed a girl with striking blue eyes, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and was wearing a black school uniform with a short red ribbon tied around her neck. Her smile was so big that she looked normal, like she was a completely innocent person. ‘So she’s in charge of the squad that ranked the same as us huh.’
Kaze’s mind flashed back to when he was in Lily’s apartment.
“So how does this ranking system work exactly? Like how does
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Nocturne: Double-Sided Mirror Chapter 3
"Ok it's ready," Hijiri said.
Hitosyura and Pixy stepped back into the room. The terminal was emitting an orange and yellow glow that got brighter the closer they got to it. Hijiri got closer and stopped turning to face it's right side. He raised his right a few inches in front of it and turned to look back at Hitosyura and Pixy.
"Are you sure about this kid?" Hijiri asked.
Hitosyura nodded. Hijiri nodded back. "Just come a little bit closer and I'll take care of the rest."
Hitosyura followed Hijiri's instructions and positioned himself a few inches in front of the terminal. "I'll head to Ginza after you. Good luck and try to stay alive." Hijiri placed his right hand against the terminal. The orange and yellow glow slowly faded away. Hijiri took his hand off and backed away against the nearest wall. Blue sparks erupted from the terminal and it suddenly started emitting a blue glow that started faint at first then got brighter and brighter as more blue sparks flew out. The ceiling lower
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The Witching Hour Chapter 12
“So you finally figured it out huh.”
Kaze glanced at his reflection in the mirror. The image suddenly changed. His hair color changed from black to bright red and his eyes formed into dark pools of gray. The reflection’s mouth slowly morphed into a sinister grin.
“How about we take this little chat somewhere more private. Sound good to you?”
The reflection’s right arm moved into view and the hand raised in front of Kaze’s neck. The fingers tightened into a choke hold. Suddenly a strong pressure began to force itself on Kaze’s neck. Kaze’s hands quickly moved to his neck but nothing was there. Somehow the reflection was choking him! He moved his hands up and down his neck trying to find some way to stop it but there appeared to be nothing he could do. The pressure struck with such force that Kaze’s vision started to fade and the room slowly started turning into an inky blackness. Kaze’s knees gave way as he struggled to l
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Nocturne: Double Sided Mirror Chapter 1
Hitosyura stood before the steps of the Tower of Creation. He looked upwards but he couldn’t see the top. The tower seemed to stretch onwards into the heavens. The sun shone brightly on it giving it a nice glow that seemed to resonate through the air itself. The barren landscape surrounding the tower, a once prosperous land, was all that remained on the surface of this world. Human settlements lay here and there, alone and forgotten.
While some of them had the honor of sheltering the demons, the others were too broken up to even be considered anything anymore. Some structures made by the demons in their own world however suddenly appeared and completely intact. The line between the demon realm and the human realm was broken and very close to being torn apart forever. The demons thought that they finally weren’t exiled anymore, that they finally could live on the surface just as they did in the days of old. But their happiness would be short lived. For the highest ranking de
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The Witching Hour Chapter 11
The full moon shone brightly over the city of Zegros. Monstrous cries filled the night as people slept in their homes, unaware of the horror that lurked the streets that night. Kaze had found himself fighting four small centipede like creatures in an alleyway. He thought back to the one that he and Stephano fought during the crossover that one time. These ones were probably the smallest version of that creature. The centipede like creatures had razor sharp claws and their teeth were long and sharp like needles. Their gleaming yellow eyes looked hungrily at him. They looked like they were ready to tear him apart limb from limb.
Kaze slashed at the one on the left but it quickly scurried up the wall of the nearest building dodging the strike so easily. The fourth one charged at him, it’s little legs going so fast Kaze could barely see them. He stepped back and poised his sword in front of him. The centipede jumped at him and Kaze struck. His katana hit the centipede’s underbe
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The Witching Hour Chapter 10
"Ok one more time” Kaze said holding out his right arm.
Jason gripped his knives tightly and stared hard at the X shaped mark. He raised his knives up across from Kaze’s wrist. Jason started to focus as crimson flames started enveloping the blades. The flames started to stretch out and started to grip Kaze’s wrist. He winced as he felt the flames searing heat but it strangely went good all at the same time. The flames wrapped themselves around his wrist and kept circling around it as more fire seemed to come pouring out of the knives. Jason concentrated harder as the fire got bigger and more crimson in color. As sweat rolled down his face the fire started circling faster and faster. Until Jason let out a heavy sigh and sat heavily down on the roof. The flames slowly vanished as Jason started panting, his knives at his side.
The X shaped mark was still there. “Sorry man,” Jason said between the panting.
Kaze shook his head. “It’s alright,”
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The Witching Hour Chapter 9
The sun light blanketed the room as the first hours of the day began. Kaze sat up in his bed on the third floor of his hospital room his knees close to his chest. People of Triquaras walked the streets, going about their daily lives. As if no monsters appeared at all yesterday, Trish and her co-workers covered everything up like nothing happened.
‘Ok, let’s if I got this straight.’ Kaze thought to himself. “Some psycho tries to kill me then the cursed weapon turned on him after almost cutting my arm off. It strikes him down, devours him, and then I got a major headache afterwards that I passed out from. Lana and the others find me passed out against the tree with a huge splotch of blood on the grass in front of me. They carried me back and one of Ms. Abell’s co-workers drove me to the nearest hospital. They checked me in as a special case and called Lily and Jason up. Jason and another healer come in and heal me while I’m unconscious. BUt jason had t
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The Witching Hour Chapter 8
The Witching Hour Chapter 8
“So… do you think it’s safe?” Vianchi asked as she stared at the rundown building.
“Probably not,” he answered. While he had been excited to do some exploring and find some answers earlier, Kaze wasn’t so sure any more. The brick, five story building, looked like simply staring at it would knock it down. He was nervous that they could get crushed if they went inside.  Before he could voice his fear to Vianchi though, she pushed the rusted iron door open and walked through.
Inside, there was what looked to be the remnants of what was once a lobby. A front desk, a few chairs, and some picture frames were inside, though it was all scattered around. There were also these really thick plants and vines, growing through the walls and the floor.
“Well since taking an elevator is out of the question, let’s take these stairs.” Vianchi said while pointing to an empty door frame. The door itself was lying
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The Witching Hour Chapter 7
Kaze swung his sword in a downward strike. The enemy screamed as it was torn in half, it uttered a final cry as it’s blood began to form a puddle on the floor. It started breaking down almost immediately. It’s body seemed to break apart until there was nothing left but small black particles that seemed to vanish into thin air. A buzzer sounded and a timer appears displaying how long the training session took.
“Well done Kaze. That’s a new record for you.”
He looked up at the person behind the safety glass window above. One of the researchers, Dr. Parate, was one of the people who observed beginners and studied their weapon’s abilities. However Kaze hadn’t discovered anything special about his sword yet. But one thing was for sure his sword was amazingly sharp and was built for combat alone.
It had been a whole month since the incident. The traitor who stole the valuable information was never mentioned to any of the beginners and the identity st
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The Witching Hour Chapter 6
Kaze and Jason arrived at the Nightmare Knights 2nd HQ during the next crossover. It was a large skyscraper that was in surprisingly good condition. All the building’s floors looked intact and the windows had only a few cracks here and there. The interior had a few dents which made the walls look they would collapse at any moment. The doors were regular glass doors that slid open when they walked through. Inside, the lobby was huge with a long reception desk with six people sitting behind it, four men and two women. Above them was a very large screen with red and black writing moving across it. On the left and right side of the lobby were staircases leading downwards and upwards. Kaze wondered how many floors this place had. He noticed a few people talking to the receptionists, they seemed to have a beast like aura around them. Lily led them to the desk and Kaze noticed that there was a touch screen on the desk quite similar to the large one.
“This is where you check in and
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The Witching Hour Chapter 5
Kaze resisted the urge to strike Lily with his newly formed soul weapon.
"I've told you before, until Jason is informed of everything I'm not making a choice, no matter what. Just leave it be."
“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I just received a call from the hospital and he’s recovered enough that he can talk now. I came running to Stephano’s since you were supposed to be with his sister but of course this happened.”
"Yeah but I'm going to see Jason myself and until I make sure he's in his right mind and knows absolutely everything, I won't answer your question.”
“Well we can go with you if you want. I’ve been a Nightmare Knight for a while now,” Stephano said turning to Kaze. “And Vianchi can tell you her side of the story too.”
"Sure thing I guess" Kaze answered, shrugging. Honestly the last thing he wanted was a pair of Nightmare Knights influencing Jason's decision but he didn't doubt for a second they'd go
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The Witching Hour Chapter 4
Kaze followed Vianchi to her house after school. She seemed nervous. Kaze wondered if this was her first time inviting a boy over. Behind them Stephano was closely trailing behind, his face stuck in a phone. ‘Wonder what he’s doing?’ Kaze thought. When they arrived Kaze thought that the house looked completely far from normal.
It was bigger than most though, reaching three stories high plus the basement and the attic seemed a bit old fashioned. The outside was painted in a terracotta and it had a beautiful front garden, with slightly tall grass, trees surrounding the sides of it. There was also a big oak tree with a bench under it. There was a blonde girl wearing pink sitting on it, reading what seemed to be a medical book. ‘Who is she?’ Kaze wondered.
“Nicole!” Vianchi cried running over to her.
“So she’s her sister,” Kaze said.
“Yup. Nicole is going to medical school in the next state over. She has a short break right
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The Witching Hour Chapter 3
Kaze sat near Jason with a worried look. He had done as Lily instructed. He found the hospital and asked for Room 280. The nurse at the desk immediately called someone through the intercom and two nurses rushed over and carried Jason away on a stretch bed. Even though the hospital was big he swore that he could hear Jason screaming in pain. Only an hour had passed before he got walked up to the room himself. The nurse told him that Jason pulled through the perseguir but he was very weak and won’t wake up for two to three days. The room was medium sized, big enough to fit two beds. Jason was sleeping but breathing heavily. He was hooked up to a machine that was providing oxygen, the clear surface covering his mouth.
Kaze was still trying to wrap his head around everything. He then looked down angrily. ‘If only I could’ve done something. I was right there and I couldn’t protect you!’
He needed to know more before they got more involved and the only person he
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The Witching Hour Chapter 2
As they walked through the vacant streets of the city Kaze and Jason felt uneasy around Lily. A sour wind blew between them, carrying  the strange scent of blood. Kaze struggled with what to say. Everything that had happened so far was crazy. If he wasn’t careful it could be the scent of his blood blowing with the wind next. Finally Jason got the courage to break the silence. “Okay Lily, you owe us an explanation. What the heck is going on here?!” He demanded.
Lily turned to us and smiled. “Very well, I owe you that much. This place we are in right now is connected to our world if you haven’t already guessed. It has had many names over the years but the one we use now a days is Crimson Night Hell or CNH for short. Before you entered this place did you notice anything odd?”
Kaze looked at her with surprise “A black clock.”
“That black clock you saw is known as the Nightmare Clock. It’s a special clock that has existed for
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