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Zos Kias Contest 9
It's that time again! Zos Kias is having it's 9th contest! This time the theme is: School.
It might be summer for you, but the Zos Kias characters are about to tackle their hardest mission! And, it's up to you to show them how it's done! Use your artistic abilities
1) Be as creative as you want! You are not limited to 'drawing' as your medium. You can submit written works, photography, and crafts as well. If you have any questions please contact kojika directly.
2) Pretty much anything goes, but keep the rating PG-13 and under. (If you wish to submit an entry with a higher rating, contact kojika directly.)
3) Must include some reference to Zos Kias and/or its characters to be a valid entry.
4)You may submit more than one, but no more than 3, entries.
PRIZES: MUST BE ABLE TO SUBMIT MAILING ADDRESS FOR PRIZE! Will announce prizes in the next couple
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A Lopsided Mystery P2
A Lopsided Mystery
By Sanzaki Kojika
Part 2
~Another Delay~
Breakfast had been rather quiet that morning.  Most of the guests were there, but strangely, Cain, Ms. Piggle, and Miss Rachel were all absent.  Of course, Mr. Neuwirth was as well, but that was to be expected.  Because of that though, even Mr. Langdon, Mr. Simmons, and Mr. Georges didn’t say a word about business the entire meal.  The only noise was from little Danny and his mother, bickering about his extended punishment.
With breakfast finally over, I went to go find the housekeeper to find out the information in regards to the police.  It took me a while to find her, and I tracked her down just outside the door on the patio.  Cain and Miss Rachel were both with her.  The little girl was pointing out at something and Cain was angrily shaking his head.
“What happened?” I asked as I approached.  The housekeeper sighed and motioned t
:iconkojika:kojika 7 5
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United States
Current Residence: a pirate ship... XD
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite photographer: snap! I'm on fire!
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Shell of choice: *shrugs*
Wallpaper of choice: Angry Luffy- One Piece
Skin of choice: *shrugs*
Favourite cartoon character: Luffy~ <3
Personal Quote: 'Seigi no senshi...... SEIGI-SAMA!!!!'
Stolen (sorta) from :iconkojika:…

Epitome of Silence:

Let's get started. Boy or girl?
Renata: .... girl >> obviously, you dumbass..
Olivier: a guy.
Elyon: A man.  Wanna make sure?
Felix: I'm a boy, i swear!
Renata: pff!
Olivier: If you say so... *shrugs*
Amyntas: I'm a man...
Tanel: No you're not~!! You're a MANGOAT!!!
Amyntas: STOP THAT!!!
Lemi: I'm a boy~!

I see. What are your names?
Renata: Renata Astr... why? >>
Olivier: Olivier Astr, same last name as my beloved sister, of course
Gwynaeth: *cough cough*sistercomplex*coughcough*
Olivier: SHUT UP! Why the hell are you even here?!
Gwynaeth: To torture you, of course :heart:
Elyon: My name is Elyon. That's all you need to know... for now *wink*
Felix: Felix Nycroy.
Amyntas: My name is Amyntas..... I have no last name.
Lemi: My full name is Lemminkäinen~
Renata: W-wow, Lemi.....

How old are you?
Renata: 21... who's askin!?!
Olivier: Someone's pmsing this week...
Renata: *stabs*
Olivier: *twitches* 24.... ;_;
Elyon: In human years.. 24. In faerie years, I've stopped counting.
Felix: 22
Renata: Seriously?? You look like you're 15!!
Felix: *cries*
Amyntas: 29
Renata: ........... Holy crap... you're almost 30! O_O
Amyntas: *blushblushblush*S-so?!
Renata: B-but, that makes you OLD!
Lemi: I'm 10~!
Renata: *hugs* You're so cute~!!!

What do you think your life expectancy is?
Renata: Til the day that I die.
Olivier: Who knows.. who cares! I'll die harassing that gun freak.
Gwynaeth: *shoots* hahaaa!!! >8D
Elyon: I will live forever.
Felix: ummm....
Renata: five seconds.
Lemi: I dunno!! I hope i live a long, healthy life~!
Amyntas: Not sure.. hopefully not too soon.

What's your height?
Renata: 5'9.
Olivier: Twice the height of that shrimp.
Gwynaeth: I'M GONNA KILL YOU! *shoots Olivier 16 times and kicks him in the head*
Olivier: *dodges* Ahahahaha!
Elyon: They're all idiots... *shakes his head* and 6'2.
Felix:............*whispers* 5'5.
Amyntas: 6'2.... same as that faerie guy..
Lemi: 5'5~! But, i'll be taller when i grow up~!

What is your job?
Renata: I don't really have a job anymore.  I guess it's working to help Tanel with his mission. *shrugs* My past jobs don't matter and if you ask, I'll kill you....
Olivier: My life's purpose is to protect my beloved sister!!  And to annoy the hell out of that bean sprout.
Gwynaeth: DEATH DEATH! *jumps on his head and tries to scalp him with her bare hands*
Olivier: *stands there, bored*  Yeah, thanks for the free head scratch, shrimp.
Gwynaeth: GRRRR! *bites*
Olivier: *stands there with a chibi gnawing on his scalp* You know... that's kind of gross... peewee.
Gwynaeth: GRAH! *stabs a pair of scissors into his scalp*
Olivier: *grabs them and swings her off of his back, dangling her in the air* heh.
Elyon: Idiots, I tell you. I go wherever the wind takes me.  Well, that and helping that waif protect his lover boy.
Felix: I'm kind of with the church... I think.
Amyntas: Well.... I was an assassin for a while, but now, i just tend to wander. I guess I'm also helping Tanel with his job..
Lemi: I used to be a pickpocket.... ;_;

What is your favorite color?
Renata: Red....
Olivier: Probably green...or white
Elyon: Hmmm.... that's a toughy... *glances at the person* What's YOUR favorite color?
Amyntas: Turquoise..
Renata: That's kind of a girly color, isn't it?
Amyntas: N-no!
Lemi: I like yellow and bright colors~!!
Renata: Aww~ You're so cute!!! *huggles*
Felix: I'd... umm.. rather not say...
Olivier: It's pink, isn't it?
Felix: *blush* N-No!!!!
Everyone: .....

What's your favorite food?
Renata: I'm a professionally trained chef... I don't HAVE a favorite food. Why? Gonna try to poison me!?
Olivier: I like anythin that my beloved sister makes~!
Renata: >,> *rolls eyes* idiot...
Amyntas: I like meat..
Lemi: My favorite are peaches~!!!
Elyon: I don't have a favorite food.  Food is food.  But maybe we have similar tastes.  What's YOUR favorite food?
Felix: Marshmallows..
Renata: Ewwww.... gross.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Renata:Strawberry Bannana.
Olivier: Chocolate.
Elyon:Hmm, I don't know...
Felix: Ummmm, cotton candy...
Renata: Are you SURE you're a boy?
Olivier: I don't think he is...
Elyon: He's an idiot.
Amyntas: I've never had ice cream..?
Renata: W-WHAT?!?! You poor soul... *gives a sympathy hug*
Amyntas: *blushblushblushblushblush*
Lemi: Vanilla~

Have you killed anyone?
Renata: Yes.  Leave me alone, dumbass.
Olivier: I haven't yet, but if anyone touches my beloved sister, believe me... there will be bloddshed!
Elyon: Yes.  I do everyday.  After all, I'm a sexy lady-killer. *winks*
Felix:W-what?! No!! Blood makes me.... a bit... squeamish..... *blushes*
Lemi: No! I'm scared of death!
Amyntas: .....

Do you hate anyone?
Renata: Yes. You. Nah, actually, there are very few people that I hate, but I'd rather not mention names.
Olivier: Anyone who tries to bring harm to my beloved sister!
Elyon: You.
Felix: No.....
Amyntas: Yes.
Lemi: I don't hate anyone!

Have any secrets?
Renata: Of course I do, dumbass!  Anyone who doesn't is a freak.
Olivier: Yes.
Elyon: Of course.  A secret is what makes me sexy.
Felix: O-Of course I do!!
Renata: No you don't... You can't keep a secret to save your life.
Amyntas: Yes...
Renata: OOOO~ What are they?!
Amyntas: *blush* Not telling... >///<
Lemi: Uhhm... not that i know of!

Do you love anyone?
Olivier: My beloved sister of course!  But I know someone who looooves meeeeeeeee.... heh.
*gunshot fires from a distance, nearly hitting Olivier*
Gwynaeth: *from 5 blocks away* Damn...I missed...
Olivier: I never said it was you, but if you insist on confessing your love for me in such an unconventional way, I won't judge you, shorty.
Gwyneath: *sets off bombs that are right below Olivier* deathtoolvier,deathtoolivierdeathtoolivier...
Olivier: Awww, I didn't know you cared so much about what other people thought of you~!  Don't worry, I still won't judge you, puny.
Elyon: Of course, I love all my ladies out there~! *winks and blows kisses at the camera*
Felix: W-well.... I....
Renata: Oh, just shut up... *rolls eyes*
Amyntas: Yes....
Lemi: I love my friends~!

What do you do to relax?
Renata: Cook.
Olivier: Make fun of the twirp.
Elyon: I'm always relaxed.
Felix: I...
Renata: get a manicure.
Felix: *blush* NO!!
Amyntas: I walk...
Lemi: I eat candy!!!

Now what are you going to do?
Renata: Do the rest of what I was doing before you interrupted me, dumbass.
Olivier: Torture the short bean sprout shimp woman who is madly in love with me!  Ah ha ha!
Elyon: Probably travel some more with that waif.
Felix: I-I don't know...
Amyntas: Not sure...
Lemi: I want candy~!
  • Listening to: One Piece
  • Reading: Skip Beat, One Piece
  • Watching: One Piece.. I LIKE ONE PIECE, OKAY?!
  • Playing: Phantasy Star, Kingdom Hearts, and One Piece
  • Eating: your soul!!!!
  • Drinking: Smart Water (and pepsi when i'm over at koji's)


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heya! I had the SAME problem as you. No clue where to start. But, I stared at different pictures of him and tried to find things that look like his armor. I used a lot of things as bases... For the "boots", i would really suggest getting some sort of sports leg guard. I used a BMX chest protector for the chest armor. As for the red vest underneath, I used vinyl, but i'm going to have to remake the entire thing because i didn't use thick enough vinyl. but, i'm a masochist who wears vinyl in the baltimore summer... so, if you don't want to overheat in the vinyl, i'd say just find some cloth that you like. i used a LOT of craft foam, too... but, i'm redoing the gauntlet completely because the craft foam didnt' work out. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing~ XD
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