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Waiting for the Day

When everything is illuminated, we'll buy our tickets and get the hell out of this place.

This place is home when the sun shining burns on through. And I'm stuck in this familiar town, where the train runs off too far to touch. Let's stay up till we see the sun, it'll do us good. We'll make it on our own, waiting for the day when we get away.

Huzzah! Another celebration of sunny days and the like. I've been listening to The Elected so much this year and Blake Sennett fills my head with images of the sun (I mean the album is called Sun, Sun, Sun) :love: After listening to their music I needed to get something out of it so I finally did something. This piece will get that much better when you listen to "The Bank and Trust" and "Did Me Good" :heart:

So my style has been getting way over simplified if you ask me as of late. I'm just not feeling the detail anymore :| As of now, just enjoy the variety and see what's up next :D
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Featured in [link] - CHIMNEYS :gallery:
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All I can say is WOW
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Just simply wow - I can't really think anything else looking at it!
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Cool! Lovely colors, as with all your work...
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Love it so much! good color and composition. Watch you

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I wanna go there someday!
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By the way, I forgot to mention....the picture I'm drawing is not a contest, nor will it in any way bring me profit.

It's just for fun, just for the record.
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This is beautiful!

I was wonderring if I could get your permission to use this as a background for a picture I'm working on.
Of coarse I'll give you full credit.

Yes or no, it's up to you. :D
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Have you ever seen The Thief and the Cobbler? The style in some of your work very much reminds me of it.
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very cool colouring! ready for animated movie if you ask me:)
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This reminded me that every morning I wait for the sun to come up at the bus stop.
Its always freezing and I`m begging,
Come on, Sun, you can do it ! Rise ! Rise !
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very nice!!! it's awesome
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i love this... this could a nice background for an animation or something... have you ever tried animating your vector art?
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Amazing... I just LOVE your stile! Gorgeous work!!
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such a masterfully done work with a simplistic elegance of the silhouettes, yet quite eye catching in composition, i must've been totally blind to miss out on your works at all :)
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Amazing art :love: I :heart: colours :3
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how pretty! great job!
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Great to hear from you.Your skills have increased exponentially. Kudos and More power!
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Eeeeh. I´m so going to move to that city <3. ^^
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freekin awesome!
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