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WW1 Bomber

I don't even know why I'm posting this. It's a boring model and not at all what I intended. I'm bored, and half way through a slab so we will call this a 'Beer Post' and forget it eh...
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Well I'm glad you posted it.

Its got lines of a late WW1 bomber wrapped up in a Kceg universe vibe .... it has the Kceginess factor and that can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned :)

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thank you SBD. I suspect the Kceginess factor has more to do with beer than anything else, 🍺🤣

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Beer - Lube your creative centre.

Makes sense to me :)

While it is not as sleek as many of your creations, it does have a nice period feel to it. If I may suggest, as it does not appear to be off all-metal construction, I think would work better with 2 engines rather than 4 ? It will be less at risk of shaking itself to bits ?

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I was thinking about two engines, like the Gotha, backwards propeller etc, but I'm a compulsive multiplier :)besides it deserves to be shaken to bits. It's not very good.

it is a pity you cannot fire it up and see what happens, it could be glorious in it's own way.

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Ah, well I dig it. :P The sharp, angled off fuselage really feels like some kind of alternate early 20th Century aesthetic. It's a bit like if the USS Monitor sprouted wings, haha.

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Thankyou. The front end of the fuselage was a case of accident over design :)

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