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Rick and Morty Vs. Beavis and Butthead

I had so much fun drawing this.
This particular picture was made for TheBamBox, a monthly subscription box that's filled with memorabilia and artwork.
They requested I draw these guys after coming across my previous Rick and Morty piece. 
I signed and numbered 2000 of these bad boys to be used for the November Theme "Adult Cartoons"
Unfortunately, that also means that you cant get it anymore since the time has already passed.   
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I Wonder what Beavis & Butthead would look like in the Style of Rick & Morty; and Vice Versa!!
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Awesome work! Love the colors, and the giant alien Beavis and Buttheads. I was also asked to do a Rick and Morty / Beavis and Butthead piece for the Bam Box, but unfortunately I wouldn't have been able to make the deadline, so I had to decline :(. I did end up doing a Rick and Morty/Beavis and Butthead piece just for the fun of it, though. Check it out if you like: Rick and Morty X Beavis and Butthead. I wasn't expecting to find someone who did artwork for that particular Bam Box. I'm glad I did! :D
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It's pretty cool! I agree that its fun looking at how people would do things different. 
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Butthead: Hey Bevis, uh hu hu, like, what's this guy's deal? Uh hu hu!
Bevis: I don't know Butthead, hehe, but like, maybe he can help us score, hehe!
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Ha! XD I am the great cornholio!