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  • July 12, 1977
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My Bio
I've been writing/plotting stories for a very long time, but only telling stories with drawings since 2007.

I add pages on Tuesday to my doodle story comic at ArtGumshoe.com:
ArtGumshoe is a story comic which begins with Nerva Scarlotte waking up lying in the back of an unfamiliar car with dried blood on her face and knuckles. It will eventually (after about four or five chapters) include the origins -- and then cases -- of the Easter and Barr Detective Agency; a/k/a, the Art Gumshoes.

Visually, it features...oh, let's say "glacial visual storytelling" and panel framing of the "Drunken House Fly Cameraman" school.

I'd be happy to swap feedback/comments with folks who create comics with the same kinds of ideas that inspire and drive me -- generally comics that contain as few of the following as possible: corporation's intellectual property, capes, guns, smug goriness, gratuitous monstrousness, showboating nihilism, etc.

Favourite Movies
David Lynch's, Jim Jarmusch's, Charlie Kaufman's, some Hitchcock, some noir(e), a little seltzer down the pants.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Heidi Mortenson, Lavinia Turner, Kristin Hersh, Robyn Hitchcock
Favourite Writers
Italo Calvino, Haruki Murakami, Philip K. Dick, Raymond Chandler
Tools of the Trade
BIC pen


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So; I had a dream last night where the world was overthrown by a nonsense activity.  After a brief discussion with a kind-of Debby Harry from "Videodrome" person through a thin gap in the two glass walls (which made up that side of the world), 2 or three of us decided that the only way we'd communicate with the outside world is to march around chanting, "iii-soh-pro-pul" as a 4-syllabled chant (in researching the random word today, it turns out "isopropyl" is a chemical chain which bonds with carbon; it has no particularly newsworthy or metaphoric properties). Given that the whole world was some sort of Borges-esque system of giant snaking
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The more I'm informed that my peers supposedly like them, the more skeptical and confused I get. Couldn't get through 2 chapters of Saga before the eye-rolling that started with the first word-bubble turned into active "get this pile of grittiness, cliches, pointless animal/people-mashups and sexism out of my home" exasperation.
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Ok, the title is a total fake-out.  I was just going to say: if you donate blood, then later in the day you re-shave the parts of your head which don't have long hair...you may end up with hair stuck on the post-blood-donation left-over bandage adhesive.
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heyooo, happy birthday KC! :)
I just noticed that now, but anyways, hope you had a great and awesome day!! Yay!  yay!
Yay!!  And cute blinky-yay-face icon too! :D
heyhoo! For some reason, I didn't know where else to comment about my recent reading spree of Transbunny. But is there a better place than in the comment section? I don't think so!

And here we go: I've been reading up until page 147 of Nerva's journey and I was REALLY surprised. Your stories were pretty different than from what I've seen in "Artgumshoe". Especially the first few stories. "A helping hand" for example had me laughing about nearly every page. I actually think Thomas/Hazel/Dennis/Silvia is very relatable... I'm guessing he/she is based on your own character. The same ocurred to me with Zpringzia. Plus, she is German and I think that fact alone and her cute personality make her very likeable. I'm not sure how it's like for other readers, but I was amazed at how easily I was able to decipher her German accent. It was actually quite nice to spot words like "mein frend" or "gott em himmel" (my favourite one so far :D). So I'm guessing you do know just a bit about German too. By the way, throughout these comics Nerva has reached and even higher state of "Artgumshoe"'s favourite character for me. She's just cool. But pretty different than from how she is like in her later adventures... I wonder what happened...

Well, let's start with "A Helping Hand", which was overall VERY funny and crazy. The pace was pretty fast, and each page was more like a separate story with conclusion. Also interesting to see! The running gags were so well chosen, in the end I was searching for lobsters and bugs on every page. Plus, Thomas just always ended up jerking off when another girl ditched the bunny and I love "do it yourself"-jokes, what more can I say :D
It's funny but a lot of jokes or things you added to the comic are like some of the insiders I've got with my friends... like... "fish magic" [I'm a fish after all, it's even in my profile pic]. The "I don't know how to call it arrows explaining certain surroundings or actions" was something I added into my own comics when I was younger too. It just makes the whole situation more humorous and it suits the style of your story. I hope I can see more bugs and lobsters eventually.

Oh, another thing I nearly forgot: The sheer absurdity of each and every comic in the beginning is simply hilarious... like the Ukelele... and then the sea god drinking from an irresponsibly tiny tea cup. Also... throwing cottage cheese at a rhinceros?? I'm still wondering if the twinsister taking up her brother's role with the fish sword actually existed? It could be! Apart from the fish sword, that is... We are also confronted with a commutant in the subway and with a woman who pushes tofu around! Geez :D maybe it's because Thomas always ends up in such strange situations... pick axe in midair or in the middle of a desert and yet he/she always ends up meeting the most beautiful women/peaches he's ever seen in the weirdest of places! I mean even the peach can talk... AND walk! Wow! Too bad Olivia the two-faced robot didn't appear again she was interesting! Having only two faces out of six on the cube... And the "then she said, in a voice like a chorus of steam-powered pipe organs  stoked by the fires of hell itself," Oh wait, is that it on my keychain?"-line.. one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while :D I couldn't find a single flaw in the storylines or a scene where I thought,"this could have been better", because the storytelling was so good.

And now I've talked about the first two books even though I wanted to talk about all of them... well there's always a next time, and it gives me the opportunity to read them again, which I'd do anytime because they are seriously great! I think you should consider uploading them in other places as well to enable more people to read them I'm sure you'd get a lot more readers this way ^^
Hey, thank you so much for reading and responding -

you're right in that the style / approach has changed radically over the years, transbunny was very loose and silly in the beginning, and by the last 2 books, it's a lot closer to ArtGumshoe (or at least Chapter 1 of ArtGumshoe)

however, i like that there's a direct line between ArtGumshoe and Transbunny - in that they meet Nerva during the adventure of the Glowing Photocopy, which Thomas got in the 1st page of Transbunny.  It's like the yin-yang, man - no matter how little of X there is in Y, there's always a little.

I'm glad you like Nerva!  She's.. well, she's a wonderful f***-up:  weak, failure-prone, indomitable.
sure thing!

I enjoyed all the funny puns and the surrealism of the later chapters also. I actually did think "A helping hand" also had quite a few abstract story elements. And of course, everything is tied together, like with Nerva and the photocopy... it's all quite thought through ^^

And that's why we love her :D
Yo another favorite; you spoil me. La la la la 
:)  'watch' just ain't a river in denial.  wait, i think i bungled that.