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this is Hatori Sohma
from Fruits Basket c:

Lovely Base by: xRepent
Found here:…
hope you like! I'm looking forward to more base's by xRepent she's a great base maker~
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Oh god...*nosebleeds*....
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Awesome this is really good; yey for Hatori :heart: :huggle:
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lol I agree yay for Hatori! <3
KC-pixels's avatar
IKR? I'm really proud of myself on this one I mean I love Kyo but this one turned out 10x sexier lol
mixedfruitwithcherry's avatar
I love how you did that base of him! It really did capture him. =^.^=
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well thank you hon~ <3
my hard work paid off X3
SihaRakhet's avatar I hope he's looking at Tohru with those bedroom eyes~<3
KC-pixels's avatar
O_o I've never thought of Hatori being with Tohru.. hmm I'm going to investigate this ._.
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Haha! In my opinion, I've always loved those two together. The first time they met alone it just flew up at me. Ever since then Hatori and Tohru are my favorite couple. <3
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O////O Woe. I love this. Hatori looks so sexy
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lol :D that's what I was going for! XD
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