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Created and rearranged some galleries. Created a dedicated gallery folder for Infrared and long Exposures since I seem to have more than enough of them, especially with the acquisition of a dedicated infrared camera. 

I also created a new "Street and Cityscape" gallery that narrows down the shots more specifically to taken on the street and around outdoor areas of the city, not including any specific events that I usually get paid to shoot. 

Also noticed my selected skin only worked for core members (which I haven't renewed my premium membership in 3 years now), noticed this on the Core ad page : 

"In return, you receive special recognition within the community, privileges that improve and enhance your experience on DeviantArt, and you earn the thanks, respect, and love of the greatest arts community on the face of our planet Earth."

... I been a member for 13+ years, isn't that enough? 

Should I renew my Premium Membership?

Fri Dec 5, 2014, 12:22 PM
Last time I got it, was because it was a buy one get one free offer where I could renew a friend's premium but they don't seem to have that right now and I'm 20 days away from expiration. 

Social Links

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 2:48 AM
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Facebook :
Technical Blog:

25,000 Page Views

Tue Feb 21, 2012, 6:18 PM
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I've hit 25,000 Pageviews for my main profile page. :iconosiris420: was the 25k'th viewer.

Will be at DEAC This Weekend

Mon Feb 13, 2012, 3:48 PM
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I'll be in Detroit from Saturday to Monday for DEAC ( The Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative ), Since I only found out about it 1 day before signups closed I'm completely open for shooting on any time slot of Saturday/Sunday. It's my first year going, so pretty excited.

My DEAC Profile (If you're registered there):…

Got a 500px account

Sun Feb 12, 2012, 4:16 PM
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I rather like it's layout for a clean simple gallery, also there's an iPad app for it.

Awww He calls me 'Father' Now

Sat Jan 28, 2012, 7:55 PM
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Skip to 5:10 if you have little patience and just want to hear him say the lines.

PS: I get to see the boys about once every week (i.e.: it's every saturday unless other issues arise like last week roads were too bad for the 45 minute trip).

Repost This If...

Thu Jan 26, 2012, 11:09 PM
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Bear in mind that this is not targeted at any one person but rather a pet peeve I've had for years. So if you've perhaps started one of these, don't take it as a personal attack. With that out of the way let's continue...

An Example

There are some people who are getting too fake here on dA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Re-post this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in your journal as "Fake Friends"

Or of course any one of those thousands and thousands of Facebook status reposts and anything similar on various other social networks.

The Problem

Like with chain (e)mails I've seen more variety than you could shake a stick at (or hell maybe even a dildo at... after all I was deemed able to fend myself against 69 rabid baboons with only a black dildo... sorry getting sidetracked). A lot of them have a common theme; making oneself look important, relevant and above the rest of the 'mainstream posers' for lack of a better description.

But isn't simply reposting such a status or list of instructions any different? You're basically taking just an extra iota of effort just to make the rest of your social network view you in a higher light while at the same time accusing them of being something less if they don't follow your instructions. As a result such actions over glorifies an existing method of expressing ourselves while congesting the networks and reducing our identities to a mere set of reposts and shares.

Now course before you go looking for my previous journal entries, bear in mind I used to have a lot but I deleted them all over a year a go. Sometimes you just got to shed some of your own drama before you can move on. But none of them were ever reposts from others.

And the whole "Real Friend" accusation... what the hell? If I'm merely a friend because I can read and follow instructions, why would I want to be a friend of yours? That's like when my Mom receiving an email from a long time friend of hers, that she's not a "Real Friend" because she doesn't talk to her more than twice a week. A real friend listens, talks, and despite all your flaws remains a friend, they don't jump thru hoops or keep up a quota just to be called a friend.

The Challenge

I'm not going to ask you to repost anything, instead if you really agree with me you'll take this view and you will etch it into your character. If actions speaks louder than words then incorporating your views into your character as an individual speaks much louder than a mere repost.

So the next time there's some repost about how Miley Cyrus gave a chocolate cake a rim job is demoralizing to young girls, or how you should buy more girl scouts cookies because some chapter accepted a transgender named 'Bobby' into their organization, if you agree don't simply "repost it", put some of that unique individuality into your ability to express yourself.

... And for god's sakes learn to read more, I'm not going to dumb down my writing style nor reduce my own expression to a mere cliff note for your lack of attention span.

Bollywood, HK, Korean and More

Wed Jan 18, 2012, 6:15 AM
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Every so often I hit up netflix for any new foreign titles. Last couple of weeks it has been a mixture of Korean and HK romance/comedy/drama movies. But the last week alone has been pretty much bollywood titles (mostly post-2000).

What I've watched recently from the most recent to the oldest:

What's Your Raashee?
The plot itself is pretty shallow, but for a film that's nearly 3 and a half hours long, I was kept pretty entertained. The particularly fun part is that all twelve women he meets up with is played by the same actress (Priyanka Chopra) which has different personalities due to different Raashee ('sun sign' or zodiac sign). Ending was somewhat predictable after having seen a few movies of similar theme.

Drink Drank Drunk
Not a bollywood film but rather an HK (Cantonese) Romance/Comedy about a beer girl who hooks up with a french chef (who happens to be Chinese but trying to sell french cuisine in hong kong), has a few funny moments. PS: The DVD poster is NOT how the characters are portrayed in the video lol, so if you were hoping for a blonde chinese chick... not happening.

A more or less 'historical' romance drama, that follows a 13th century korean noble who marries the daughter of a courtesan and course follows the hardship of trying to hide his marriage from public view lest shaming his family and possibly costing his father a royal position.

Hum Tum I guess is "You and I", follows a cartoonist (and playboy) who runs into an unlikely match of a girl. The general moral of the story seems to be that sometimes it just takes several meetings to fall in love. Despite the description there's not much animated in the film, but mainly a few minor clips showing the animated characters as kind of a filler to their personalities.

Jab We Met
A rich industrialist runs into quite the chatterbox of a woman that turns out to be one hell of misfortune and misunderstanding after another, with a few dramatic separations here and there. Quite a few funny and possible predictable scenes. What I couldn't get over was the rampant mixing of english into the hindu language but I quickly learned this is pretty common over there.

Hooked On You
Another HK Romance Comedy about a fishmonger that seems to count the days til she's 30 hoping to find the ideal husband. Also has quite a few funny scenes when it comes to market rivals intruding on her turf at the local markets.

Romantic Island
A Korean Romance/Comedy that follows 3 potential couples as they all journey to a island in the Philippines for various reasons. I'm noticing that a number of korean romance/comedies tend to follow multiple story lines often with multiple couples rather than concentrating on one couple. I particularly found the pop star and dorky guy storyline to be the funniest while the married couple to be the most touching. The movie tends to end off giving all three roughly equal emphasis on the conclusion.

La Lingerie
I wasn't quite sure what to think about this one, mainly concentrates on a woman joining a lingerie firm on sort of an intern, but course she has a romantic dry spell and is of course trying to hook up with the ideal guy, her friends don't exactly have the best luck either. There's quite a few hilarious moments with the guy's behaviors, and friend Donut (... what kind of name is that?) seems to have the most outlandish guy problems while I felt bad for CC the most at the end.

Hot Summer Days (mandarin)
This was a nice touching romance (sorta comedy), follows several couples during one of the hottest heat waves of the summer. Most of the story lines are pretty much separated from each other , but without spoiling the story much at least two of the story lines are intimately connected which is revealed at the end. I particularly liked the "Ferrari & Mozart" storyline (you'll see what I mean if you watch it).

The Wedding Banquet (mandarin)
Probably one of my favorites in a long time. It's a story about a gay couple living in New York. One of them has parents from Taiwan trying to set him up with marriage meetings that he decides that he's going to fake an engagement with one of his female tenants to get his parents off his back... only to find out they're flying over to make marriage arrangements for him. Plenty of hijinks ensue as you can imagine, but it also addresses some of the deeper points of acceptance from family as well as emotional strife of having to hide such a lifestyle from family.

What Women Want (Mandarin)
If you have seen the american version with mel gibson... it's essentially the same thing, just the comedy routine changed a little bit, and using Andy Lau and Gong Li as the actors for the role. I found *some* of the scenes creepier/funnier than the american version, but the plot/storyline is essentially the same, and I found the twin secretaries in this version to be much funnier than the american version.

Sophie's Revenge (Fei Chang Wan Mei)
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This was a very comical movie about a woman's plot to win back to the love of her fiancé who dumped her for a movie star with the hope that she'll reject him at the alter in order to crush his puny little soul. Course nothing seems to go as planned...

Got Suggestions, etc? Feel free to comment.

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Shoot me suggestions in the comment.