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PKMNation - SoraxSaya Clutch (OPEN)



ooo I've been wanting to do something like this since I got a Flabebe about a month ago, haha garbagekeeper also had the some idea and came out with a fire flabebe clutch 2 days after I thought of it, coincidentally XD. But nevertheless I still wanted to do this clutch. If people insist, I will make another batch of these babies in the future ^_^

Mother x Father


100 :points: - Fusions
30 :points: or 10 Lvls to the Mother - Regulars
Art payment will need to be done within 4 days or it will go back up for sale


Hatched: 3/31/14
Base Attack: 10
Level: 3 (fullbody, basic bg)

1. Flabebe | Fusion | Female - 2 toned flower petals, flower petals more wilty like, vibrant fire like colors
Status - Taken by Growlipsis
2. Torchic | Fusion | Female - 2 toned body, fairy wings instead of feather wings, curly top hair, curly tail, crown
Status - Taken by garbagekeeper
3. Torchic | Fusion | Female - 2 toned-spotted body, fairy wings instead of feather wings, 3 little wings, curly tail, crown
Status - MINE
4. Flabebe | Fusion | Female - Bigger than normal, fire like flower petals, body like ash
Status - MINE (Sorry I just had to have 2 XD)
5. Torchic | Fusion | Male - 2 toned-patched body, looks like some of chocolate XD, curly tail, fairy wings on upper back, feather wings,
Status - TAKEN by Lunar-Imagination
6. Torchic | Regular | Male - Darker than normal, top hairs wave out more
Status - TAKEN by Enalon
7. Torchic | Regular | Female - Lighter than normal, top hairs stick straight up
Status - TAKEN by CreamPuff-Pikachu
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Could I get the Torchic? :D