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Jak Evolution Wallpaper

This wallpaper is an example of Jak's Evolution throughout the games. It's a spoiler because it has The Kid on it, who at the end of Jak II is revealed to be Jak himself, who would be sent back in time to Sandover soon after. The Background has a few more bits of concept art.

All the images used here are done by Bob Rafei, and done without his permission. However I was kind enough to use his signature here, since it IS his artwork.

I made a personal PSP version for myself :P

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I also wondered how Jak keeps Dax on his shoulder, and then I realized: oh. There's shoulder pads......
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Yeah I think that shoulder pad is intentionally there as Jak's perch. I think they adjusted it to be flatter in II onwards due to the difficulty of cleanly animating him on the more extreme version in One.
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*spoiler alert* anyone else cry in Jak 3 when Damas tells Jak to find his son Mar, and Jak realizes that Damas is his father?
KBABZ's avatar
Anyone else want to punch Veger in the fact right after for being a massive Yakow's anus right after he learns this?
22cerjoh's avatar
By the Precursors yes I do he really is such a Yakow's anus taking young Jak/Mar whatever ya wanna call him from his father at such a young age just so he can harbor his dark eco expirements he's such a mean guy. and banishing Jak/Mar to the wastelands for life?! Overkill Veger. Loosen up a bit
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I was more referring to his gloating over it more than anything else.
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XD that too. Seriously there is something wrong with him
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I think Jak looks the best in Jak II
Omnianimeman's avatar
i love the video game series never play jak x
GamerChicXP's avatar
I really like the wallpaper, but every time I see the Jak on the end's face like: 8L I can't help but laugh! XP
Dude this is awesome!
DrEarthwormRobotnik's avatar
I Love the Jak Series
lmaskier's avatar
This is awesome!!!

But what about Jak Combat Racing
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That would be the one on the far right.
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I read a story not too long ago, where All but the Kid Jak was in it and Jak2 and Jak3 raced to save JakX from Errol and Razor while Jak 3 pretended to help Jak1 into a car but it was really Human!Daxter who won the race to save JakX and so they got together while Jak3 got with Jinx and Jak 2 and Jak1 walked off laughing at them. Razor and Errol were so much alike that they got together trying to prove which was cooler/more sexy/whatever. Jak2 and 3 helped Human!Daxter win the race! Oh, and Rayn died lots of times and ran off on her own when she lost.
SlLENT's avatar
His hair cut started to die in Jak 3 :(
DeathGoddess1995's avatar
Hehe AWESOME! Jak has totally changed over the years. I've always loved the outfits from Jak X and Jak II

But i NEVER enjoyed the haircuts. He looked better with long hair.
OnioftheEarth's avatar
cant wait to see what Jak is next
sophietheamazingdog's avatar
I liked him better when he had that long flowy hair... how dare he get a haircut...
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It's because in Jak 3, he was in the desert, and by the time he had gotten back to Haven City, it hadn't grown back yet. Having hair as long as he did in Jak 2 would be AWFUL in the desert.
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Well it could be worse. Concept Art showed that they thought of giving Jak a beard, both during Jak II and Jak 3!
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