H-Hey :'D Wassup?
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Published: July 6, 2010

I've been back for a little while, just dead sommat'. xD New york was.... ehhhh. Its a little over rated, the people are kind of perverted and also I got lost. LOSS. But its a nice city over all, so clean, and the buildings are beautiful. <3 I'll be staying in London where I belong, though... :P

And I am not back for long, because I am going to Egypt for my FIFTH time in a few weeks for ten days.. LOLOL my second home! XD

ANYHOW, RL is great, I have tons of new friends, dance is good, maybe starting horse riding, running around dressed as an animal, ect, ect. xD

I'll start drawing something soon, LOL !

So, did I miss anything guys? C: <33

Love Kazzu x

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MangestuStudent General Artist
When we went to New York some hobo asked my brother if he wanted to buy a knife :O
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Have fun in Egypt <3
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ArorixLightsHobbyist Digital Artist
AHA!!! *gomps* I missed you!~~ Welcome home buddy! :tighthug:
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ScopimeraHobbyist General Artist
Well, you should be welcome in Egypt- they used to venerate cats, and I wouldn't be surprised if cats are still respected over there.
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Go to Atlanta it is like home of the creepy rapists/people who like to shoot each other's houses/homeless guys who walk up to your car and stare in the passenger seat windows until you speed off like "QWUYJEQKUWEGI"
;_______________; no srsly.

BUT ANYWAYS, I'M GLAD YOU HAD FUN IN NEW YORK 8D I would like to go sometime, and Egypt holy shit. *A* do want. Have fun there and take pictures and dance on a pyramid and show them who's boss.

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Have fun in Egypt >3<
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P-Pffft perverts. -CRIES.-
I hope you have fun in Egypt~! ;; u ;; <333
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