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And I am back!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 13, 2010, 5:21 AM

Egypt was 48 degrees of pure heat, but it was amazing. xD Sadly, it was my last time in Egypt for a long time! I know the destination keeps changing, but now my mother is looking into Tunisia or Spain, when me and my sister want America and Veitnam! Doh! xD

Highlights of this holiday were being dumped in the middle of an ocean by a boat in order to snorkel and looking down through the goggles to find she couldn't see the floor of the ocean any more (stupid me :P), going night clubbing with my sister and getting perv'd on by random peeps with her, buying REAL animal fur (lots of it, cow wallet, rabbit skins, cow skin pillows!) which I bet PETA would kill me for (its a muslim country- we made them swear on the book that the animal fur was not the product of some blood shed. Luckily it wasn't- no-one wants fur in that country, the fur is simply a bi product of eating the animal meat and is scavanged like that!) and of course, rescuing a tiny, tiny kitten!

Aaah, I have a story about the kitten we rescued on holiday, but I'll tell you that later! :3

Anyhow, time to be more active here! How is everyone? Good? I am up for conversation about your lives!

Much love man! ^^

Kazzu <3

KigaWeirdo Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
I'm pretty good :3 Busy but good!
Nice to hear you had fun there! x3 What, did you take a kitten home from there or what?? o.o TELL MEEEEE
And bah, rabbit/cow skings aren't evil to buy if they are just a bi-product of eaten animals. I think using skins, bones etc from roadkill is perfectly fine, too, because I think leaving the thing rot to a road where it can't even get to be a part of the nature again anymore (if nothing else, it's so dangerous other animals don't want to go and eat it) is very disrespectful for the animal. And PETA is an evil organization as well. Heck, they support the idea of some dog breeds being naturally more "evil" than others and kill all the animals they get in their shelters, and think that all human-animal contact should be banned. Not good if you ask me.
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August 13, 2010