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Published: April 28, 2010
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Ginga fan art, but with my OC's! If you are wondering what Ginga is, its 'Ginga Densetsu Weed', and its an anime about fighter dogs. Watch it. ITS GOOD.

White dog is an Akita/Pit bull mix called Duke. He is brash yet quiet, doesn't speak much but when he does, its usually angry. He loves to fight and will even try and take down friends for stupid reasons.

Brown dog is a Great Dane called Hitori. He is the talker, the more wiser and the more calmer of the two, and usually stops the other from being stupid. However, he is a cold blooded killer and also enjoys fighting.

God the Ginga style is hard to draw. **DIES**
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ArorixLightsHobbyist Digital Artist
My gosh! You are such an amazing artist!~
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NONONONONO GDW is NOT good. Dx The anime is bullcrap, to be honest. Sorry for being so rude, but it really raped the manga. Ginga Nagaberoshi Gin is good. Especially the manga. It's THE original from the 80's. xD

But the art you drew is nice, I like it~ x3 Even though I don't actually like how GDW (the anime) is drawn. There are just TONS of stupid quality and anatomy flaws in it.
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LOLOL I'VE SEEN BOTH SERIES!! XD It because the style is hard to animate, I kind of like it- TRUST ME MAN THE MANGA HAS SO MANY FLAWS I DONT EVEN.

I can't stand the GNG anime... THE ANIMATION QAQ **DIES** But TY!! :D <33
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Haha! Mr. Takahashi's style is quite funny, with all the extra muscles etc. x) But the anime has waaay more, and more severe flaws, if you ask me xDDD Kaibutsu changes size about every time he's on the screen and the dogs constantly look like... BALLOONS or something, haha! And no, it's not actually that hard to animate for a professional - it's just been made at a B class, cheap animating studio :'D Sorry to ruin it if I did xD </3

HAHA it indeed is quite... Dodgy! XDD But hey, the poor quality of animation is why I can't stand GDW anime, lol~ xD And I mainly like GNG because of the huge amount of nostalgia in it for me. We used to watch it as kids with my sister. The coolest thing we knew was dogs splattering blood everywhere! XDD
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Ikr?? Muscular dogs are MUSCULAR xDD tis fine, eh, I still like the anime, the theme tune I LOVE and I just like seeing violence moving! xDD and OH GOD ignore the word 'dodgy' I am talking british again FAL LOLOL and oh god, GNG used to give me nightmares, the bears were horrific-- and why the hell was akakabuto that big again!? xDD
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Haha xD GDW indeed has AWESOME musics, I've got to agree with that *.* And some of the fight scenes are rather good. Some. xD
Haahahaa, the bears indeed are quite, how would I put it, imaginatively made? XDD And yes, Akakabuto is one of those "I grow bigger the more epic the scene gets roaar!"-mosters x'DD I'ts hilarious now, but as a kid I thought the series was epic.
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Chrysanthe-mumsHobbyist Digital Artist
Hnnnnnnngh Ginga is freaking awesome. <333 I think you did the style pretty well, dear. ;w;
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serjksenr <3333 I love the screenshot style.
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