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Tree Rats

By Kazzi-Kins
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Step 1: Take rat.
Step 2: Put rat in tree.
Step 3: Prevent rat from jumping off tree.
Step 4: Take approx 30 photographs of rat in tree.
Step 5: Go to computer. Remember to rescue rat from tree first. Look at photos. At least 1 of these photos should be clear and not fuzzy. If you have more, consider yourself lucky.
Step 6: If the only clear photo is one of the rat with his head behind a leaf, repeat steps 1 to 5 until you get one that has the whole rat in it.

Repeat with all rats until one nice photograph of each is obtained.


Well, this kept me entertained all afternoon, it'd be a LOT easier to photograph these creatures if they just kept still! xD The ratties are, in order from top to bottom, Icki, Fizz and Wizz. They're my baby boys. (Well, Icki is older but he's still my baby anyways.) Rats make the best pets in the world, I love my boys so much. :aww:

(No rats were harmed in the making of these photographs. However, all three rats consider having photo shoots in a tree far beneath their dignity, and tell me that they shan't play with me until I apologize.)
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XxSparklesBrightlyxX's avatar
Those photos are genius! You have some very cute rat babies, and Wizz seems to really like being in that tree :XD:
Thirteen-Souls's avatar
Thirteen-SoulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
SO! CUTE! I wish i could take my rats outside...or put them in a small tree...darn huge trees.
aPatchworkProduction's avatar
Awesome! Rats are the best companions in the world. Yours are beautiful and you can see they are well loved and cared for. Love the look of sheer content on Wizz! P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S.
Tristan-the-Dreamer's avatar
Tristan-the-DreamerStudent Traditional Artist
Oh gosh, Wizz has the cutest smile on his face and his little beady eyes are all squinty... :love:
Dr-Bang's avatar
What cute boys you have!
LuthienNightwolf's avatar
Lol very cute and yes, I understand about taking 50 photos to get just one good one! That's how I get good pics of my rats. These are good shots and I like the way you put them together. =)
Beans-OCG's avatar
Beans-OCGHobbyist General Artist
awwww they're sooooo cuuuute!!!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, look at those furry little things! :giggle: They're all so cute, and having a bunch of fun too! I love Wizz's expression though - like he's smiling just for you :) I think he's my favorite out of the trio ^^

So what about foxes? Or shih tzus? Can you put those in trees? ;P
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I know! He looks so smug! xD Wizz does smile a lot, it's funny how they smile. Rats can laugh too, only it's too high pitched for us to hear. ;P

Lol, I think if I tried to put a fox in this tree it'd fall down. xD It's only a baby tree.
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
I think he's just happy to try out a new place :giggle: I'd be all smiles if I was climbing a tree too! It makes me want to climb the big magnolia in the city park ^^ Too dark for that though - I'd probably end up falling X3

Aww, a baby tree! :giggle: Baby tree for your baby boys ^^
RetroRodent's avatar
These are so cute - as well as a unique place to photograph your rats. :giggle: I love how the green foliage makes them look like little jungle critters. X3 I'd say Icki is my favorite as far as coloration goes. I want to get a black rat one day, but none of the pet stores here ever have them. >_>
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Icki's a berkshire - he's got a white sploodge of colour on his belly and mitts on his paws, like he's run through paint. ;P It's not a very common colour though, most pet stores have mostly hoodies and albinos.
RetroRodent's avatar
Aww. I love the blue ones as well...we have two pet stores near my town, one only gets albino rats while the other no longer carries them at all. ._.
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
There's quite a few stores that sell rats within a 20 minute drive from me, luckily, and they have loads of different colours. ^^ I'd love to breed my own rats one day, for different colours and patterns. I love all the different colours they come in!

We have blue rats here in Australia, but if you breed them you're pretty much shunned from rat-society - the blue gene we have here causes heaps of health problems, and blue rats always die young... They aren't bred anymore. Breeders are trying to find a new blue gene, a safe one. Till then, no blue rats for me.
RetroRodent's avatar
Awwr, I didn't know that. .__.; I'll stick with other colors too then!
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I think the American blues are fine, it's just the ones we've bred over here that have problems. The American ones have been bred for ages. ^^
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