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Well, so much for the essay I was supposed to start tonight... ^^;

This little monkey is Taluka, often called Tally. He's an 11 year old urchin living in London during the Industrial Revolution. (Which means he has that really cute accent - "Good evenin' gov'ner! Bloody cold out 'ere.")

Taluka's daddy was a sailor, who met a beautiful foreign lady at the far corners of the globe and took her back to London. But shortly after Taluka was born he met a much richer lady and left with her. With no one to provide for herself and her young son, Taluka's mother was forced to sell the only thing she had - her body. Tally was 8 years old when she was arrested for it. He doesn't know what became of her.

Taluka scratches a living doing what little monkeys do best - climbing. In his case, chimneys. He's pretty small for his age. He doesn't like stealing to survive unless he absolutely has to. He's not the kind of boy who mopes about the hand life has dealt him, preferring to just get on with the business of living. He's a happy-go-lucky little guy who always tries to help out other kids if they need it.


This is just a reference picture, but it ended up taking way longer then I wanted it to. :XD: I'll draw him in actual period clothing next time, those pants make him look more like he works on a banana plantation. o.O I'm tempted to make a whole gang of street urchins to go along with him now. :D
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Hah! I think I immediately like this character. The back story, the expression, the pose, this is a character that generates interest. The limited color palette and light shading really stands out, but I think that the background might be just a little bit too dark.

Anatomically this looks very nice, his weight is evenly distributed, and there aren't any screaming irregularities. I only have a problem with the feet, the picture indicates that both his feet are turned outward. The pose may look alright, but in reality it's really an uncomfortable way to stand. (Believe me, I just tried for a bit.)
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Thankyou! :D I'll pay more attention to the feet next time, like hands I find them very difficult. It does look very uncomfortable now you mention it. ^^; Thanks so much for the help. :aww:
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No problem, your artwork is very enjoyable to look at.
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Aw, he has a sweet, simple design! And he looks like someone an audience can relate to - not emo about his past, but not too obliviously cute. I likes :)
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Thanks! I think simple designs are best a lot of the time. :aww:
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Beans-OCGHobbyist General Artist
omg i love the colour scheme!! its so...brown lol nice job!
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I tried to make it look a little like an old photo. :) Thanks!
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AWW. D: *squeezes* He's so cute!! what a great character! :D :D
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Once I started creating him I just couldn't stop. :XD: Thanks so much!
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But shortly after Taluka was born he met a much richer lady and left with her.

Well, that sucks. Hehe, I love those cockneyed accents, they're so much fun. Very cute character!
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The entire reason for me creating this guy was because I wanted one of those accents in a character. Now I'm just addicted to him. :XD:

Thanks so much! :D
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