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Swirls of Darkness

By Kazzi-Kins
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Lance again, with a larger Galileo. I changes his eyes from blue to brown, they seem to suit him better.

Lances element is darkness, goes with Lyrique's element of light. :aww:

I've been trying to add a lot more depth into my shading, I'm starting to become pleased with how it's turning out.
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griffinfeathersHobbyist General Artist
Great job! there's nothing else to critique that other people haven't I don't think! I must say that your added depth of shading was the very first tihng I noticed! :D It looks very good.
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Thankyou! :aww:
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KyzariusHobbyist Writer
I see improvements in the anatomy.

Great improvements.

But I <3 the shading. <3 it all to bits. :glomp:

You're better than me. ><
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Lol, I dunno, I've still got a long way to go with anatomy. ^^;

Glad you like the shading! It's fun doing it this way, like slapping around paint. ;P
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
I knew there was something different about this picture, but I just couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned the shading in your comments ;3 It looks really good, I like the change ^^ The swirls of light in the background are so pretty, and the colors compliment the drawing so well ^^ And Galileo looks so ominous! What would've been more fun - at least in my opinion - would be to have him crawling around on Lance's shoulders :giggle: Oh, and you forgot Galileo's horn *pokes* Was that intentional? ;P And I like the change in Lance's eyes, too; he looks more friendly =3

All-in-all, great drawing! :D
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-smacks head- I did forget his horn... o.o" I'll add it in later, shouldn't be to hard. Hehe, Gali is just as friendly when he's big. :aww: When I first created Lance he had a really dopey dog for an animal partner, that's kind of rubbed off into Galileo's personality. :XD: He'd be like 'Ominous? I look ominous? Yay!'

Glad you like the shading!
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
:giggle: No worries, just something to remember next time you draw him! Well, Gali's change in size is rather interesting, aren't shennavyre about the size of a ferret? Or can they change their size? I can't imagine Gali with a "dopey-dog" personality - maybe I just haven't seen much of him ^^

Oh yes, I certainly do! It adds a lot more depth to the subject :D
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Oh, when they reach a certain strength (them and their bonded human) they gain the power to change size, and that size increases with their power. They revert back to being tiny when they're not fighting. :aww: Both Bellatrix and Galileo end up being able to grow huge eventually, but for most of their time with Lyrique and Lance at school they haven't learned how yet.

Wild Shennavyre gain the ability as they grow older, but it develops slower because they don't have a bond with a human.
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
Ohh, I see :D You should mention that on your species sheet :giggle:
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Yeah it is looking like you are putting more variation in your shading. Nice! As for critique, I could gladly give you some if you are up for it. :thumbsup: Let me know!
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I'm always up for some critique if you have some. ;P Fire away!
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I hope I can explain this adequately, I am not so good at laying out advice unfortunately. If there was anything you didn't understand let me know and I'll try to elaborate hahah.

Well, firstly focusing on the construction of the face - I'm not sure whether you were going for a round or a diamond shaped face (cheeks suggest round, chin diamond) but either way it is necessary to add the right contours along the sides up from the chin/ears. The eyes are posing the largest part of the problem - they don't seem to be drawn positioned within eye sockets, and that makes them look ' pasted' onto the face instead of organically a part of the skull.
From viewing your other drawings of Lyrique and Lance, they seem to suffer the same problem - I believe you are using the method of a circular guideline for the face and then adding ellipses to segment the facial features? (which is perfectly fine and a good way of proportioning the face) It appears that the eyes are then drawn onto the ellipse guideline with no contour to the eye socket. The farthest eye in a 3/4 view is not the same size as one in the foreground view, since the eye socket indentation in a 3/4 perspective needs to be considered.
Here is a reference that may help - [link] - the last picture in 'Face > Eyes' you can study and see the slight difference thru the perspective used there.

Despite the eyes being rather large and cartoony though, you have correctly proportioned the ears in relation. They always sit within the same line and height as the eyes, so good job on that. :thumbsup:
Fortunately the human face can be constructed with some simple maths - everything is relative (eyes are one eye-width apart, and again one eye-width apart from the ears) and once you know the common rules it is easier to build upon the features more realistically. Even though there are of course exceptions to this (not everyone has a symmetrical face after all!) it is worth learning about these rules beforehand, then once you are more confident in this method you can expand upon it.
Here is a reference that I just quickly grabbed off Google - [link] - It will likely explain it more thoroughly than I could.

Also the body is in need of some work too. The neck is slightly incorrect, and the shoulders are too sharp. He seems to be holding quite a squarish figure, which again doesn't lend to the overall anatomy looking organic. I would strongly suggest (since I have only just recently got into it myself) of actually sketching out the body first, the torso and arms in this case, without even thinking about the clothes. You don't have to be precisely detailed with it, just the raw basics like the shoulders, upper arms and the chest defined so that when you do eventually begin a tighter sketch upon it the clothes are a whole lot easier to model on him. In this drawing again, they look more ' pasted' on and straight-edged, more like paper - and not like they are actually formed around the contours of his body. Tight clothes are easier to draw with the method I just described, since you can follow the body sketch closely - flowing and flouncy clothes need to be sitting on the shoulders and loosely wrapped (not necessarily around) the body. However, artistic license can also come into play depending on the type of fabrics you intend to be using. Some material is heavier than others.

Of course, I think your colouring is definitely improving and the shading you are using is a nice blend of paint-y/cel-shade combo - you just need to push getting those facial/skull contours correct and it will work really well with all the variations of the face! :thumbsup:

I sincerely hope it helps, I am sorry I could not find more reference material for you. Also I hope you take this rather picked-apart critique with a pinch of salt, I know sometimes it is difficult to digest them, especially on a drawing you have grown attached to/spent long hours on. I will look forward to your new drawings to see if you have success in implementing these suggestions. :thumbsup:
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Wow, thanks so much! :D I always appreciate critique like this, I often come back to it for reference too. I'm really unfamiliar with drawing humans, so it helps a lot. :aww:

Now that you mention the eyes, I can see the left eye is further from the nose then the right one and needs to be lower down, to fit in with the angle of his head. ^^; This was one of the rare pictures that I sketched start to finish on Photoshop, and because sketching with a tablet isn't as comfortable as pencil I got lazy. As for guidelines, I have no idea whether the way I do them is right or not. I start off with a circle with a vertical and a horizontal line, (for the eyes and angle) and form the face around that, with the chin added on underneath. I never could use the oval shape as a starting point, it always turned out looking strange, so I just build things around my circle. :XD:

Thanks so much for all the help! :glomp:
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No problem! :thumbsup: I am not at all capable of drawing human anatomy well myself, but as I'm learning I thought it would be beneficial to let you know what I've gathered together from my studies so far. The theory is so much easier than that actual practice, it has to be said!

I would suggest loosely sketching on paper first, like you said, a tablet does feel different and in some ways doesn't give you quite the same effect as you would drawing on actual paper. Also don't forget that you can always try again with new found knowledge - perhaps it would even be an idea to study some anatomy books or material, work on some studies, and when you feel more confident redraw this picture. At least then you can come back to this with a fresh face and maybe expand upon it. It serves as a good improvement activity and trains you to think more proactively in the process of drawing.

Oh and a circle is the best way to start, ellipse was a bad terminology on my part - I was trying to explain they were the guideline that you use on a circle to make the cross, albeit in a 3-dimensional view. Here is a some more reference towards it, and how the guideline bends according to the object it is on. [link]

Hahah sorry it was a bit long-winded, but again I hope it helps. :thumbsup:
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I should probably go search the house and dig up my pencils and sketchbooks, and put them back on my desk. :XD: That way I won't just think 'oh there's nothing here so I'll just plug in the tablet.' ^^;
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Beans-OCGHobbyist General Artist
:wow: this looks amazing!! he looks so cuute!! y don't guys like that REALLY exist???

lovely work!! i can't find anything to critique!!
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Because the world would be too perfect if they did? ;P Lol. But really, imagine if everybody on earth looked like characters from video games or anime. That'd be way to trippy. :XD:
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