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Shennavyre Species Sheet

By Kazzi-Kins
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Phew, this took a while. Here we have a species sheet for the Shennaveres. I used Bellatrix and Galileo for this (bonded to Lyrique and Lance respectively) but most of them are much brighter then these two. (Mine are boring. :XD:) This is mostly for :iconkitsunemagic1: so she could create one, but anyone who wants to is welcome to make one. :giggle: Just be sure to give me credit for the species, and please keep in mind that most of these are wild and bonded ones are very rare.

Hopefully it's not painfully obvious that I suck at drawing dragons. :XD: I tried to make them as anatomically correct as I imagine them in my mind. This is pretty much how I like to think they look.

Something I forgot to add into the sheet - shennavyre speak with their minds, but they do vocalize as well. They sound like little songbirds only more lyrical. When I try to imitate it I usually make a bunch of high notes over a rolled 'r'. ;P
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TheREALTwilightSparkHobbyist General Artist
Oh migosh these are so cute :3

my heart has exploded from the cuteness.
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FelisRinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very pretty and cute. :)
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Thankyou. :aww:
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What a beautiful looking species! Lovely horns..
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griffinfeathersHobbyist General Artist
Lovely job! Your dragon drawing skills are great! With your own creations such as this, it gives you more freedom to choose their "anatomy", I think.
I love their eyes, especially, along with their wings.
Great work!
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how the wings came out too. :aww:
RetroRodent's avatar
Oh my gosh, these are positively adorable. And they're the size of ferrets?? I want one! Make them real right now. ;__;

Your lineart is amazing. I was never able to make smooth, thin lines digitally. The ears and head shape are lovely too - both cute and elegant. Too bad they eat rodents. XD But I love em anyway!
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Lol, I want one too... ^^;

They'll eat anything, insects, small animals, but they mostly like fruit and flowers when they're small. :aww: Hunting is only for when there's no tasty trees around.
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KyzariusHobbyist Writer
My thinking will scare them away. :D

'nuff said.

Illustrations are quite lovely in one sense. The contrast of their monochromatic bodies make 'em quite obvious to tell apart. On the other hand, may prove to be quite difficult when searching for camouflage.

I ramble much. Shoot me!D:
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Haha, I could just imagine a flock of shennavyre scattering because a person nearby 'thinks strange stuff too noisy'. :XD:

You'd be surprised. :aww: Bellatrix came from a mountainous region where it snowed a lot, and is bonded to the warrior of light, while Galileo is bonded to the warrior of darkness. So they're like ninjas in their own element. :XD:
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They're really pretty! :D I love how you colored the horn to look like it really is crystal.
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Thanks! :aww: I only just figured out how to do that too. The trick is to put the darker colour on the inside. :D
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
They look fantastic, Kazzi! Thank you for posting this for me, I really appreciate it :aww:

Trust me, your dragon-drawing skills are much better than mine ;P She looks a lot more ferret-like than the last version and it's totally adorable! I hope the little mouse-paws weren't taken away, those were so cute! The wings look all soft and fluffy, I just want to pet and snuggle them :giggle: They do look better than the four smaller ones that she originally had :3 The new crystal horn is a good idea too (maybe that's cause for the curious expression in Bellatrix's eyes? ;3) and it's all nice and shiny like glass/crystal objects should be ^-^ The anatomy looks very nice as well, especially the paws and tail, although the neck seems a little too short for this body type in my opinion. The text could be a little darker as well, I found it a little difficult to read (besides the fact that I wasn't wearing my glasses, heh...) I'm just a little sad about the lack of shading - it would add so much more personality to the drawing. But then again, maybe doing that would just clutter it up - I dunno ;P

Great work! Will have my character up as soon as I can ^^ :hug:!
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I'm going to be shading her and using her as part of a new journal layout soon. :aww: I like to keep ref sheets clean and simple, so shading and stuff won't get in the way of anatomy or markings, but I'm too proud of actually drawing Bellatrix decently to leave it like this. :giggle:

Lol, the horns had me stumped as to how I was supposed to make them look glass-like, but I finally figured out a way on Bella's. (If you look closely, Bella's horn is shaded different to Galileo's. xD)

The paws are still like little mouse hands, just more realistic here. The feather dragon had arms like twigs now I look at it again. ^^; You're right about the necks, they're supposed to be around as long as the feather dragons is.

I can't wait to see what you make!! :aww: I'm tempted to make a whole flock of them now, just for fun.
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
I see what you mean, yeah ^^ Aww, yay! I can't wait to see her colored :aww:

Yeeeah, the horns would have me stumped too X3 I'll have to work on coloring crystal-like objects though, so it'll be good practice for me ^^ (Now that I look, I notice it too :giggle: )

Oh, I see them now :D Probably would've been able to see them better if they were a little more relaxed to where you could see the fingers X3 The neck is as long as the feather dragon? As in... about as long as their bodies, or shorter/longer?

I can't wait either X3 I may have to tweak my style to get the anatomy looking right, actually... but no worries :P Why not make a flock! It'd be fun to draw them all together - the little ones biting and playing with each other, the adults talking or just lounging around.. it'd be neat to see how a flock interacts with one another :D I say you should go for it! Even add my character in it if you want! :giggle:
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I meant the other picture, the original feather dragon. :XD: Their neck is supposed to be about that length - longer then I drew in this, but not too long.
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
Ohh, I see what you mean now X3 Just proportion it so that it looks right with the rest of the dragon - that's gonna be my way of going about it! :lol:
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I love how much detail you put into the descriptions- it really helps me visualize what they might look and act like. ^^ As far as anatomy goes, I think you did really well. I especially like the back leg, for some reason... xD Nice work~
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Thankyou. :D Hehe, one of the main reasons I enjoy making species is that it's not just the design that's the most important thing, all creatures have unique social habits and instincts. It wouldn't feel complete to me if I didn't add in all the extra information. (And that's the short version. ;P)
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