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Princess Of Earth

By Kazzi-Kins
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I had a dream a few years ago which really stuck in my mind. It was in the future, and Earth had been contacted by a race of aliens. As part of a peace treaty between the two races of people, the three princesses of Earth (Earth was under a monarchy, apparently) on their 16th birthday, were to be sent to this other planet in order to meet it's three princes, and learn more about this other world. My dream was about the youngest, as she tried to run away so she didn't have to go. (She ended up going anyway. In my dream she accidentally ran onto the spaceship, which left with her in it. :XD:)

I thought it was a really cool dream, so I fleshed it out and came up with a name for the alien people (who resemble high fantasy elves) and their planet (Auralea) and a few animals and a basic plot... (Really basic plot at the moment) I'll write a novel about it one day. :giggle: This is the youngest princess, Rosalina, on Auralea. I don't have a name for the cat-thing she found yet. She starts out as a real spoiled brat who hates the rules imposed on her as a princess and expects the Auralean people to be horrible, but she eventually becomes close friends with many of them, including the youngest prince.
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you have such awesome dreams!!

half of mine are like random^^"

anyways, its really a lovely dream, and your artworks are just as beautiful!

you are an exceptional artist^^
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Most of mine are completely random too. ;P This was one that made sense that I remembered. If I got dreams like this all the time, I'd do nothing but sleep!
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lol, true, id do that if i had dreams like these always

if only there was a dream recorder or something
then dreams would be easier to recall, and plus, they would come out like a movie or something^^


great work! (and dreams!)
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Cytochrom Digital Artist
It seems that your dreams are at least more normal than mine, as I happen to recall having crazy, screwed up ones last year that made absolutely no sense, and I had no idea why I was getting them! "Normal" ones have been popping up again recently, thankfully. ;P

Anyway, since you're into the idea of critique, I suppose I might as well give my commentary on it. First of all, I like your color choices for this picture, especially on the main character. The greens, yellows, and browns have a good sense of warm lighting on them, and it enhances the innocent warm feeling of the picture. Same goes for the background. Though simpler, the cool blue and purple remind me of a mystical dreamish feel, and the composition's working well. Portrait shot doesn't include needless bits.

As for what could use improvement, I think the biggest thing you could focus on is the anatomy of the human figure. Despite its cutesy childlike proportions, there are still some things that look a bit off, mostly noticeably the construction of the head, which feels pretty flat. This could be because of the lack of shading on the nose as well as the shape of the bottom area of the head, where the jaw seems to be fused with the rest of the skull. What you could try here is to make the chin pop out more by analyzing the form of the jaw around the side of the head, sort of how you did here: [link] Of couse, this isn't an animal, soo I'd probably look up references to make sure.

I would also add some reflected light on the legs and arms to make its shading seem less gradient-like, as it's not helping identify the form of the figure. The foreshortening on her hand also doesn't seem to be working right, probably because of the awkward angle hers fingers are in. The rest might seem picky, but it appears that the tree behind her seems to be branching out too low, too early, and the leaf shapes could be more refined instead of making them simple blobs.

Image is still enjoyable to look at, though I thought I'd mention some things that might be worked on. ;) Keep it up!
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Thanks so much! Her face annoys me as well, it's too flat even for a generic anime face ^^;. I've been working on different styles, slowly exploring to see what works for me. The way I've been drawing them lately is quite different to this.

Lol, hands are absolutely evil. :XD: I'm still trying to get those to look right. I'll remember what you said about the shading too. :D
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KyzariusHobbyist Writer
I see...

Ssssssplendid. :P Shapes and sizes seem to go more naturally now, and you've a better idea of what a human anatomy looks like. Rawr, dimensions!

Perhaps you could practice with polygonal shapes and render it for human-anatomical simulation.

Just a thought, but it seems like a way to go.

All in all,

COLORS. :glomp:
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I'd love to buy one of those little wooden dolls, the ones you can move around and pose. I'll have to scour the art stores here for one. :D I tend to use a few shapes, mostly just circles where the joints are on top of my stick-figure. :XD:

Thanks! :D
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Lovely picture, I love the smooth shading.

Awwww, everyone I know's thinking of writing a novel! I'd like to do that, except have it be a graphic novel.
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Thanks!! Hehe, the novel will probably get written once I'm like, 40. :XD:
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Good things take time. :D
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Beans-OCGHobbyist General Artist
wow luv colours as usual!!

but...its that eye again lol, on the same side too. on this angle the eyes shuld be the same size :P
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Thanks! :aww: I'm still trying to work on that, something must be up with the way I draw guidelines. ^^;
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