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Lanturn in the Mist

By Kazzi-Kins
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Yup, Nikk is a lanturn. ;P I'm addicted to blue scenes for some reason at the moment. ^^;

I sketched this last night and decided I should finish it - it's the first time I've drawn Nikk in a long time. He actually resembles a feline a bit better now. :D He's supposed to live in a city, I've no clue where he is now - quite lost, by the look of him. :XD:

Art and character © myself. Don't steal. n____n
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© 2007 - 2020 Kazzi-Kins
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Mist-Cat-SpiritpawHobbyist Traditional Artist
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neonUFOProfessional General Artist
OMG, u draw kittehs so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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Hehe, thankyou. :aww:
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Hello! this is lucy as in shivons friend! love the pic sooo cute!! yay
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I love it!!!!
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ZafireriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice design you have :aww: But I mean the two front paws are a bit to small, newt time make them a bit bigger, not that much.
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Lol, Nikk was born one day when I got WAY too bored in class. (Hm, what can I do to make the kitty more interesting..? I know! Stick a glowing crystal on his head!)

Funny, now the Lantern Bearers are one of the main species in the universe-in-my-head, though Nikk is the only one I've drawn so far. n__n
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ZafireriaHobbyist Digital Artist
He is the one I like most in your gallery, mainly because of the glowing thing in his head XD and because he is cute.
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ELaiNeLight Traditional Artist
Very Cute :boogie:
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DarkBlade1Hobbyist Digital Artist
o,o I love the glowing effect. I was wondering, how did you get the background to be fog like?
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It's actually pretty easy, I just made the trees a few shades darker then the background colour. The further away the tree, the paler it gets. (But never paler then the actual bakground.) I also did the same thing for the base colour - the ground nearest Nikk is dark, and it fades towards the top of the picture. I made the 'lanturn' glow by lightening the background around it.

Well, hope I helped!! n______n
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DarkBlade1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, it does :)
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The only thing I'm having problems with is the far eye (his left, our right). It just looks a little too thin, as if it's on the side of this head like a lizard (??) Other than that -- woo, fuzzy!! *prod prod*

I adore your backgrounds and shading, something I remain somewhat pathetic at. You should do a few 'background' or 'technique' tutorials:)
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Actually, on second glance, I'd say the eye is the correct shape, just not close enough to his snoz. The spacing is a bit uneven.

Keep up the good work!
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I see what you mean, you're right. xD

Ah, I'm not that good at backgronds - you should see some of 's work - it's got detail galore!! o.O" I have a tablet though, that's why it's so easy for me. (Without one you have to mess with the opacity constantly...) I should make some tutorals though, I'll make sure to do snapshots of the next thing I upload.
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I always love these sorts of color combinations. ^^ Tan goes better with colors like blue, teal, and green than a lot of people seem to think it does. I've missed this character! *pokes the lanturn and watches it wiggle* :D
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lol aww this is so cute XD
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Blue is a colour I've really underestimate, it's such a hard colour to use in designs and such...T-T...at least I never seem to be able to do something nice with it, no matter how many different shades I try. xD But this background looks awesome, and so does the whole picture. I -love- how you drew Nikk in this picture, you should stick to it, or develope it more? :'D Well I love it, he's got such a simple but yet wonderful design and colourcombination. :heart:!
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The lantern is a cute idea. Great picture. I love your style.
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khengHobbyist Digital Artist
kazzy! i havent seen stuff from you for agessssss
how have you been :D
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I know, I really should upload more. Ah, lazy. ;P Well, I have to work my bum off at uni come March, so I deserve to be lazy now. n___n
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KyzariusHobbyist Writer
If the kitty has a light on her head, how does she hunt when she scares every tree-hopping rodent she comes close to? X: Cute pic.
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Awwwww....... CUTE!!!!
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