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Feather Dragon

By Kazzi-Kins
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A little feather dragon, chasing butterflies through the clouds. n_____n I tried a few new things in this picture, just as experiments, and I like how it turned out. :aww: One of the hind legs is too big, and I really should have added more details onto the butterfly, but ah well. ^^; I like the feathers. ;P
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Lebender-GeistHobbyist Traditional Artist
So Cute! I just have to ask you this though. May I use this as a profil picture on a roleplaying forum? I will tell people who drew it in my signature there. So may I pretty please? Its just so cute!!!!!
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MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
So cute~
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it kinda looks like mew for some reason, only the face. . .
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you draw clouds and wings really good^^

so amazing!!

the orangy colours are awesome^^
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Lol this is so old, yet it's like, one of my most popular drawings. :XD: Thanks so much! :aww:
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it may be old, but still, its great!!!

so its the quality that counts^^
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
Just happened to be looking through your gallery, and this one caught my eye :) Two years late, but meh X3

I'm going to agree with everyone else and say that the color choice is phenomenal! All the oranges and creamy whites match together perfectly, and the cool blue eyes are a nice contrast to all the warm colors of the background ^-^ The butterfly is simple, but grand all the same; putting too much detail on it would take away from the style of the rest of the drawing ;3 The shading looks great as well, I wouldn't have been able to do it better ^-^ Not only is it a well-executed drawing, but the character is adorable too! In a way she/he looks mouse-like - was that intentional? ;p

Expect some fan art in the future - this species is too cute to ignore! :giggle:
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Thanks!! This was drawn after reading too much Dragonriders of Pern (it's a great series, read it if you haven't yet. By Anne McCaffrey.) but I've since used the idea to make the Shenavyres. Bellatrix is almost identical to this one. You're welcome to create one of your own if you like! I'll make a species sheet eventually.

These dragons sorta resemble stretched ferrets a tiny bit, but it does look mouse-like here with the little claws and triangle face. :aww:

Thanks so much!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! Yeah, I've heard of that series mainly from my father ;p He absolutely loves the series, but I haven't gotten around to reading them just yet. I think I will, seeing as it has such a good reputation from its readers ^^ I think I may make one, yeah! All credit of the species will go to you, of course ^-^ I'll wait for that species sheet though - I want to get things accurate, you know?

Ah yes, the infamous ferret! :giggle: Either way, she's absolutely adorable ^-^
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I'll try to get a species sheet up soon then. :aww:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
Alright then ^-^ Can't wait to see it!
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ZafireriaHobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds my of Mew from Pokemon :) Just as an adult XD
The only mistake I can see here is by the tail, it doesn't look like it is attached to the last part (in the tip tail)
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
Lol, if Mew could evolve I'm sure she'd look something like this. :aww: But Feather Dragons are actually really small. They're the tiniest type of dragon in my world, they can't speak, and they eat flowers. :)
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ZafireriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Flowers XD Interesting dragon I like dragons too. Most of my gallery is felt with dragons :) But seeing you gallery make me think that maybe I should try something new :)
Kazzi-Kins's avatar
I started with dragons too, a long time ago, before I discovered DeviantART. I rarely draw them now, but it's good to learn to draw as many things as you can! :aww: Don't put yourself in a box, always try new things. It's how we learn.
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ZafireriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Very true, but dragons is what I'm good at because I have very big problems in drawing poses. It is like I can't see how the different part should look like in that pose Oo
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ahh, soo cute ^^ i love the wings 2, and its little reaching paws just so :D keep it up ;)
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TheWhiteTigerHobbyist Photographer
Well that fills up my daily dose of cuteness. The dragon is so cute, but kinda looks like a fox. Is that because it's feathery and fluffy instead of having scales?
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he looks like--! Um-! Um-! That awesome dragon from The Neverending Story! Only with about a billion more servings of Cute!
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Hehe, thankyou!!
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psychicmindHobbyist General Artist
This is cute. Good job.
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SpiffyFoxHobbyist General Artist
That's adorable ^^ I love the dainty little forpaws! =3
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Bluefoxv3 Traditional Artist
I <3 the dragon, it is sooooo cute! I would love to have a flufy fetery dragon like that one. I love the color on it and I think the little butterfly is really cute too!
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I think the others have already summed up what I think about this picture... =P It looks great, Kazzi: Bright and warm yet cute and gentle! =)

I notice that you've replaced your avatar too... does that mean you're changing species again? =P
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