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Dusty Sunbeams

By Kazzi-Kins
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I've been drawing Lyrique a lot lately, when I get the chance to draw. I spent ages on this sketch, so I decided to finish it off. :D The original for this is huuuuge, something like 2000 pixels across. o_O My laptop was whining like a dog. :XD: It's great working that big though.

The background changed about three times. The original sketch had her on a beach. ^^; I hate backgrounds, seriously... They drive me mad. Lyrique's the kind of girl who'd enjoy hanging about on dusty rafters though. She'd be capable of sleeping up there if she wanted to.

Advanced critique and blah, though I worked on this for so long I think I can spot most of the mistakes. ;P

Lyrique Fey is a snow serval if anyone is curious. She's a cross-breed. ^^ Lyrique is pronounced sorta like 'lyric'.

Lyrique Ielaqua © Me
Art © Me
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CookiePhantomProfessional Digital Artist
yay, snow serval! great idea! :heart: her right leg looks kinda awkward (but I'm sure you already know that).... and if she's sitting next to the window, shouldn't there be more highlights on her legs?
well, anyways, very cute drawing! :thumbsup:
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She's been my baby for ages, and one thing about her that hasn't changed for over 5 years has been her species, so I'm glad you think it's cool. Thanks for the critique, I'll pay more attention to the lighting in future. :D
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CookiePhantomProfessional Digital Artist
no problem, glad to have helped ^___^
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Beautiful picture with lovely atmosphere! I like character's pose a lot! Very natural.
Also coloring in her clothes is great! :clap:

The background is different style than character but it creates nice contrast. I love especially textures on wooden parts!

The idea of window is lovely but it would look better with sharper lines. Now inaccurate lines makes it look like made on soft material. But light coming through it is adorable! :heart:

Then some personal issue with this style: I have never understood why character's eye and eyebrows show through thick hair... but it seems to be part of this kind of style so I can't nag about it. :D
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Her eye looked strange if I covered it with hair, so I just left it like that. I usually try to keep her hair away from her face, because it does look rather odd, but she's got a long fringe. ^^;

Thanks so much! :)
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No problem! :D
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Kazzi! First, I love the whole idea of the picture - her sitting on the rafters of a dusty barn.. so cute! I love that you've done this more complex background. Indoor backgrounds are hard for me... so I salute you for doing one. The perspective looks good. But I think the colors in the background need some adjusting. The bright blue, the red on the walls and the dark brown don't look like they belong in the same environment - perhaps restricting your color scheme would be good, try to make sure none of the colors are a lot more saturated than the others. The blue would also appear more purpley or grey in this brown sort of environment. You can find these colors by applying the blue softly at first on top of the browns.

Lyrique herself looks cute though, (her shirt is adorable! XD) I like her relaxed pose!
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Thanks so much! I'll have to try those ideas with the colours. :D
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Aww, Lyrique is a cute character! I think your anthro anatomy looks great. And I looove her shirt! I want a shirt like that. @_@ That seems like a nice, relaxing place to sit too. I don't think I'd sleep there though - I'd probably roll off!
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That shirt is similar to one I saw with Momiji the rabbit from Fruits Basket on it... But I never ended up getting it. ;__; -regretregretregret-

Oh Lyrique could sleep balancing upside down on a tree, she doesn't move very much when she sleeps. xD
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Genesis-Orbit Photographer
Cool! The lighting might be a little off but it's a cartoon style so it works I think :D Keep it up Kazzi :D
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Thanks so much! :D
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Oooh, anthro! I like the wooden boards and the sunset-y colour, it really sets a nice scene! You made really nice use of the colour orange XD
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Yea, I have loads of anthro characters I barely ever draw because I'm bad at anthro... I think I'll start changing that though. :D

I'm so jealous of Lyrique for her orange hair. xD I wish my hair was that colour...
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Sweet character, and nice attempt at a background! Those beams would be a bit spooky at nighttime though, hahah...:thumbsup:
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They'd be even more spooky with Lyrique climbing all over them at night too. xD I'd love to live in an old house with ceiling beams... It'd be so cool. :D
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